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Industry Related News by Prodem Demolition

What are the Types of Asbestos and where are they found?

The unfortunate truth is that asbestos can be found anywhere: in the home, public buildings, offices, even schools. Asbestos reached its peak during the 20th century and buildings constructed at the time used asbestos throughout. Is Asbestos in all ‘old buildings’? Buildings older than 1900 are certainly not exempt, as renovations carried out during their…

May 15, 2017 Read this update »

How to make your demolition project as environmentally friendly as possible

Eco-friendly construction methods have been the norm for decades and there are improvements in sustainable building practices year on year, but how do you take demolition and make it green? Demolition vs Deconstruction Razing a building to the ground the old fashioned way can be responsible for a large carbon footprint, especially when many waste…

April 28, 2017 Read this update »

Things to Consider before Demolition

Demolition day is the most tangible sign that a project has begun. For some people that means getting rid of an eyesore once and for all. For others, it means clearing the way for an exciting new structure, possibly a new home, public facility or business premises. To get the process right first time, let’s…

March 15, 2017 Read this update »

Why Soft Strip & Building Derating is Good for the Environment

Building derating is the most environmentally sustainable service that a demolition team can offer. Known as ‘soft stripping’, building derating is a form of deconstruction where crews ‘harvest’ reusable materials and leave a building’s structural framework intact. Following this method, an outdated, but structurally sound building is stripped back to its foundations, walls and floors,…

February 23, 2017 Read this update »

The Rise in Asbestos-related Claims

As we saw last month, asbestos-related illnesses are still prevalent today, with many cases being reported long after initial exposure. While we previously focused on the problem of asbestos exposure in schools, they aren’t the only places in the country where asbestos is still a major problem. In this article, we’re taking a look at…

January 15, 2017 Read this update »

Asbestos in Schools: Protect Our Children

Asbestos is one of history’s most popular building materials, with its use dating back thousands of years. It was commonly used throughout the 20th century during the construction of a huge range of buildings, both domestic and public, and it wasn’t until decades of mainstream use that the dangers of asbestos became apparent. The use…

December 21, 2016 Read this update »

Ways to Use Reclaimed Bricks

If you’re looking for a unique building material which is environmentally friendly and adds character to your property, reclaimed bricks are definitely worth considering. But reclaimed bricks aren’t exclusively reserved for big projects, there are plenty of interesting, creative ways to use reclaimed bricks for smaller DIY purposes, too. This month we’re looking at some…

November 6, 2016 Read this update »

Why You Should Buy Reclaimed Wooden Flooring

  As the focus on sustainability and recycling grows stronger and stronger, it’s important to use every opportunity available to implement reclamation in any way we can. With reclaimed goods it’s possible to preserve and reuse certain materials and objects without having to go to the trouble of creating and constructing new ones. In this…

October 4, 2016 Read this update »

Demolition & Dismantling: Prevention & Control Measures – Part 3

ProDEM are proud to be one of the top demolition contractors Nottingham has to offer, and we are always concerned with ensuring that every demolition project is performed as safely and efficiently as possible. We finish our 3 part series on demolition and dismantling: prevention and control measures by having a look at the further…

September 27, 2016 Read this update »

Demolition & Dismantling: Prevention & Control Measures – Part 2

As one of the top demolition contractors Nottingham has to offer, ProDEM are always dedicated to making sure that all demolition projects are carried out safely and efficiently. Last month we looked at risk assessment and the issues to consider before work begins. We continue our 3 part article about demolition and dismantling: prevention and…

August 19, 2016 Read this update »

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Wates Construction, December 10, 2014

Pro Dem worked on a demolition contract in Worksop for Wates on a new bus station we are constructing. This was in September this year.

I myself had never worked with them, ...

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