What happens to the building materials during demolition?

4th July 2021 by ProDEM

Demolition can create a great deal of mess, with materials such as steel, concrete, carpets, roofing and flooring brought to the ground. Many people worry about the impact demolition has on the environment. However, the industry has made big changes over the years, with companies aiming to recycle as much as possible. Read on to...

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What are welfare units/cabins?

4th June 2021 by ProDEM

Are you a construction site manager? If so, it’s your responsibility to ensure that there are welfare units installed to provide essential amenities to workers. At ProDEM, we supply a range of welfare cabins in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester, with long and short term contracts available to suit various needs. If you’re wondering “what are welfare...

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Why should I hire a demolitions contractor?

13th April 2021 by ProDEM

People hire demolitions contractors for many reasons. So you may find yourself asking "Why should I hire a demolitions contractor?". You may want to use the services of a demolitions contractor when you’re making changes to a landscape. Demolitions specialists can also assist if you’re constructing new buildings and need to remove obstructions from the...

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How do you safely remove asbestos?

5th March 2021 by ProDEM

Do you have asbestos in your property and want to remove it quickly and safely? If so, it’s best to call in the experts. Removing asbestos yourself can be very dangerous. Asbestos becomes harmful once it’s disturbed. If you encounter asbestos in your home or commercial premises, you must not touch it. Only those who...

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What are the benefits of plant hire for construction?

5th February 2021 by ProDEM

Are you wondering what the key benefits of plant hire are and how it can benefit you? If so, read on. Plant hire can help you save a great deal of time and money whilst helping you get the job done to a professional standard. Plant Hire will make your budget go further One of...

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What are demolition contractors?

8th January 2021 by ProDEM

Do you require a building or structure tearing down? If so, you’ll require the services of a demolition contractor to carry out the job safely and efficiently. At ProDEM, we’ve been at the forefront of demolition in Nottingham, Derby, and Leicester for many years, building a fantastic reputation throughout the region. Read on to find...

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What to Do If You Think You Have Been Exposed to Asbestos

3rd May 2018 by ProDEM

Once one of the most popular construction materials in the world, the serious health risks of asbestos are common knowledge. Although using asbestos for construction purposes is illegal and has been for many years, it is still present in many buildings throughout the country, making it a serious threat even today. Regular exposure to Asbestos...

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I Have Found Asbestos in My Garage – What Do I Do?

28th March 2018 by ProDEM

Given all that we know about the dangers of asbestos nowadays, finding any evidence of it on our property can be very alarming. However, sadly, many homes built before the turn of the millennium which come with garages and sheds could well have been built with asbestos, so it’s not all that uncommon. That said,...

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Demolition: The start of something new

1st February 2018 by ProDEM

Demolition sites often have a bad reputation for being noisy and an eyesore to walk past each day. However, these are very short term implications for what can be a process to begin again, to renew and regenerate our cities. Especially if you consider that demolition doesn’t necessarily have to involve heavy machinery. Long Term Benefits...

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Are Builders & Construction Workers at Risk From Asbestos?

3rd January 2018 by ProDEM

Asbestos refers to a group of six varieties of naturally occurring minerals. These minerals are made up of microscopic but extremely durable fibres which are resistant to heat, fire and many chemicals - which goes along way to explaining why it was such a popular construction material for centuries. Why is Asbestos a Risk? However,...

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Demolition News: Nottingham’s Broadmarsh Demolition

4th December 2017 by ProDEM

Built at the beginning of the 1970s in an area that was historically boggy ground,  Broadmarsh has been a key shopping centre and bus station in Nottingham for decades. With over fifty outlets, from restaurants and tailors to gadget and clothes shops, Broadmarsh had a lot to offer. The 'Ugliest'Building in Nottingham However, over the...

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Demolition: Permission Matters

1st November 2017 by ProDEM

Around this time last year, three properties in the Coldharbour Conservation Area were demolished without planning permission. The result: those illegally demolished Victorian houses must be rebuilt “brick by brick”. This was in part due to the poor explanation offered by the owners, and also because the properties themselves were considered to be “of historical...

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Mesothelioma Awareness Day: Why asbestos needs to be removed professionally

25th September 2017 by ProDEM

On the 26th of this month, we had our thirteenth Mesothelioma Awareness Day. Established by Meso Foundation volunteers in 2004, Mesothelioma Awareness Day has been instrumental in bringing more attention to, and funding research for, this particularly vicious form of cancer. Mesothelioma Awareness Day: 26th September In light of this, the team at ProDEM will...

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Is My Asbestos Garage Safe?

31st August 2017 by ProDEM

Buying a house can be a stressful exercise. But when you think you have found your perfect home only to discover that it’s been marred by asbestos, it can be even more frustrating. This can often be the case with garages and sheds that come with semi-detached homes.  We provide a free Asbestos Survey with...

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Indirect asbestos claims on the rise

30th July 2017 by ProDEM

Individuals who were indirectly exposed to commercial asbestos are pursuing compensation claims in greater numbers in 2017. Who is claiming? A majority of these victims are women who, it is believed, were exposed to asbestos fibres that clung to their spouse’s work clothes. Currently, these women are not entitled to any form of compensation, despite developing diseases...

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Top 10 Uses for Reclaimed Timber

15th June 2017 by ProDEM

As an environmentally conscious company, ProDEM is proud to offer building derating and soft stripping services which allow us to dismantle, rather than demolish, a building. We find all kinds of reusable items during this service, but there are few as useful and exciting as reclaimed timber. The possibilities for reusing this material are endless...

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What are the Types of Asbestos and where are they found?

15th May 2017 by ProDEM

The unfortunate truth is that asbestos can be found anywhere: in the home, public buildings, offices, even schools. Asbestos reached its peak during the 20th century and buildings constructed at the time used asbestos throughout. Is Asbestos in all 'old buildings'? Buildings older than 1900 are certainly not exempt, as renovations carried out during their...

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How to make your demolition project as environmentally friendly as possible

28th April 2017 by ProDEM

Eco-friendly construction methods have been the norm for decades and there are improvements in sustainable building practices year on year, but how do you take demolition and make it green? Demolition vs Deconstruction Razing a building to the ground the old fashioned way can be responsible for a large carbon footprint, especially when many waste...

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Things to Consider before Demolition

15th March 2017 by ProDEM

Demolition day is the most tangible sign that a project has begun. For some people that means getting rid of an eyesore once and for all. For others, it means clearing the way for an exciting new structure, possibly a new home, public facility or business premises. To get the process right first time, let’s...

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Why Soft Strip & Building Derating is Good for the Environment

23rd February 2017 by ProDEM

Building derating is the most environmentally sustainable service that a demolition team can offer. Known as ‘soft stripping’, building derating is a form of deconstruction where crews ‘harvest’ reusable materials and leave a building’s structural framework intact. Following this method, an outdated, but structurally sound building is stripped back to its foundations, walls and floors,...

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The Rise in Asbestos-related Claims

15th January 2017 by ProDEM

As we saw last month, asbestos-related illnesses are still prevalent today, with many cases being reported long after initial exposure. While we previously focused on the problem of asbestos exposure in schools, they aren’t the only places in the country where asbestos is still a major problem. In this article, we’re taking a look at...

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Asbestos in Schools: Protect Our Children

21st December 2016 by ProDEM

Asbestos is one of history’s most popular building materials, with its use dating back thousands of years. It was commonly used throughout the 20th century during the construction of a huge range of buildings, both domestic and public, and it wasn’t until decades of mainstream use that the dangers of asbestos became apparent. The use...

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Ways to Use Reclaimed Bricks

6th November 2016 by ProDEM

If you’re looking for a unique building material which is environmentally friendly and adds character to your property, reclaimed bricks are definitely worth considering. But reclaimed bricks aren’t exclusively reserved for big projects, there are plenty of interesting, creative ways to use reclaimed bricks for smaller DIY purposes, too. This month we’re looking at some...

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Why You Should Buy Reclaimed Wooden Flooring

4th October 2016 by ProDEM

  As the focus on sustainability and recycling grows stronger and stronger, it’s important to use every opportunity available to implement reclamation in any way we can. With reclaimed goods it’s possible to preserve and reuse certain materials and objects without having to go to the trouble of creating and constructing new ones. In this...

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Demolition & Dismantling: Prevention & Control Measures – Part 3

27th September 2016 by ProDEM

ProDEM are proud to be one of the top demolition contractors Nottingham has to offer, and we are always concerned with ensuring that every demolition project is performed as safely and efficiently as possible. We finish our 3 part series on demolition and dismantling: prevention and control measures by having a look at the further...

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Demolition & Dismantling: Prevention & Control Measures – Part 2

19th August 2016 by ProDEM

As one of the top demolition contractors Nottingham has to offer, ProDEM are always dedicated to making sure that all demolition projects are carried out safely and efficiently. Last month we looked at risk assessment and the issues to consider before work begins. We continue our 3 part article about demolition and dismantling: prevention and...

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Demolition & Dismantling: Prevention & Control Measures – Part 1

4th August 2016 by ProDEM

As one of the top demolition contractors Nottingham has to offer, ProDEM know that one of the biggest continued challenges facing demolition projects is that of the prevention and control of potential dangers. Demolition is a dangerous construction and, as such, needs strict attention payed at all times to ensure a safe working environment. Need...

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2028-2035: An Asbestos Free World

4th June 2016 by ProDEM

Asbestos was widely used in construction for many years before the downsides and hazards of using it were finally realised. Asbestos remains in many buildings around the UK. Pubs, houses and even schools could still contain asbestos today. Recent times have unearthed the dangers of asbestos, and many establishments have had it removed, but now...

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Demolition: Achieving a Reclamation-Led Approach – Part 2

16th May 2016 by ProDEM

Reclamation is growing more and more important, and here at ProDEM, we are looking to maximise the amount of reclaimed products on every job, to help the demolition industry learn how to become more sustainable, cost effective and beneficial to the environment. It is of growing importance to educate those involved in any demolition project,...

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Demolition: Achieving a Reclamation-Led Approach – Part 1

27th April 2016 by ProDEM

With increasing concern on the impact landfill sites have on the environment, reclaiming and recycling items has never been more important. An estimated 90 million tonnes of waste are produced by the construction and demolition industry in the UK each year, with approximately 69% of this recycled or reused.   Here at ProDem, our teams...

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Demolition: Achieving a Reclamation led approach – Part 1

by ProDEM

With increasing concern on the impact landfill sites have on the environment, reclaiming and recycling items has never been more important. An estimated 90 million tonnes of waste are produced by the construction and demolition industry in the UK each year, with approximately 69% of this recycled or reused.     Here at ProDem, our...

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Asbestos Removal 101 – Your Guide To Everything You Need To Know: Part 2

10th March 2016 by ProDEM

  Last month, we explained what asbestos is, the dangers it presents, and what you should do if you suspect it to be in your home - read the full article here. In the second part of everything you need to know about asbestos removal, our team have put together a guide on how asbestos...

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Asbestos Removal 101 – Your Guide To Everything You Need To Know: Part 1

25th February 2016 by ProDEM

    Here at ProDEM, we’re always happy to share our industry knowledge with our customers, keeping them up to date with the correct safety procedures when it comes to any hazardous building materials that can be found during demolition or renovation work. Last month we provided an overview of the risks of asbestos, so...

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Asbestos In Homes: The Hidden Health Hazard

27th January 2016 by ProDEM

  Asbestos is a mineral fibre that was commonly used in industrialisation from the mid-19th Century up until 1999, when a total ban was imposed due to the link made between the substance and serious health risks. Before the ban, asbestos was widely used in both domestic and commercial buildings due to it’s properties of...

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Demolition: Breathing New Life into Old Buildings

24th December 2015 by ProDEM

Demolition is often only considered for it’s main purpose; the safe demolition of old buildings. However, what is often not discussed is the aftermath, and why the building was demolished in the first place. Demolition clears room for new and exciting buildings, improving upon what was once there. We’ve listed a few examples from across...

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The Safest Way To Remove Asbestos

12th November 2015 by ProDEM

  Asbestos was commonly used throughout the 20th Century for fireproofing and insulation on a large commercial scale, and as a naturally occurring mineral, was an easy resource to use. However, asbestos is now known to be potentially deadly, and can cause lung diseases such as lung cancer and asbestosis if you are exposed to...

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Demolition and Site Clearing: An Insight

26th October 2015 by ProDEM

As a leading demolition company, our contractors are frequently hired to demolish old buildings from garages to tower blocks, to make way for new designs. We also clear the site of the debris, and are expertly trained to carry out the safe removal of asbestos. We’ve outlined an insight into what goes into a demolition...

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Demolition Training Initiative Gets the Green Light

25th September 2015 by ProDEM

    Here at ProDEM, our staff are experts at what they do. That’s why every contract we work on is of the highest quality, and no job is too big or too small. Of course, extensive training is required in order to carry out the work we do, so new opportunities for others to...

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Grand Designs on a Budget

26th August 2015 by ProDEM

  With consistently rising housing prices, increasing numbers of people are turning to alternative solutions to get into the housing market. One of such alternatives are self builds, which save money and allow homeowners complete control over the design and build of their new home. Here at ProDEM, we’re on hand to demolish old structures...

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Which buildings should be demolished in Nottingham?

31st July 2015 by ProDEM

2015 had been a year of major demolition projects in Nottingham, with plans underway to revitalise Nottingham as a thriving modern city in the UK, and to reinstate its position as the number one shopping destination in the Midlands. The new developments at York House. This year has seen the approval of intu Broadmarsh renovation...

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Nottingham’s Ugliest Building

16th June 2015 by ProDEM

In April 2014, Imperial Tobacco announced the phased closure of its massive cigarette manufacturing, known as ‘Horizon’, on Thane Road in Nottingham, by 2016. Originally built for John Player & Sons in 1971, at a cost of £14 million, Horizon was considered state-of-the-art in its construction at the time but, more recently, has been dubbed...

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Demolition or Refurbishment – Which is Best?

27th May 2015 by ProDEM

When deciding whether to refurbish or demolish a building, a technical assessment must be made to determine which option is best suited for the structure. This decision can be based on: Energy impact of the building Performance Cost Even though the process of demolishing and constructing a structure can generally take longer, if the building...

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Design for Deconstruction

5th April 2015 by ProDEM

Prior to any building work taking place, careful consideration must be made during the design and planning stages to ensure the building can be dismantled and demolished quickly and efficiently when required. It’s important that engineers and architects bear in mind that deconstruction is more than just the end of the building’s useful life. Premises...

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Demolition and Relocation in Nottingham

31st March 2015 by ProDEM

  Safe demolition and relocation is a key part of improving local neighbourhoods and city centres. It can be an efficient, cost-effective way of transforming areas which need updating and dealing with older properties from the 1960s and 1970s which have become too expensive to maintain.   Nottingham City Homes, who manage Nottingham City Council’s...

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Nottingham bioscience facility

25th February 2015 by ProDEM

  At the end of 2014, it was reported that Nottingham City Council gave the go-ahead for a new life science incubator to be built on the brownfield land close to BioCity, in Pennyfoot Street. Plans for this bioscience facility have indicated that the five-storey, 50,000 sq ft building will be located next to the...

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Home improvement ideas where no planning permission is required

28th January 2015 by ProDEM

  Before undertaking any home improvement work on your property, one of the first things you must do is check whether your refurbishment work requires planning permission. Under the terms of permitted development (PD) you can carry out projects without needing planning permission, so it is important to check whether this applies to you. The...

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£13m rebuilding of a Leicester secondary school

22nd December 2014 by ProDEM

Finding ideas which spark inspiration in students so they can enjoy their education and make the most of their time at school can prove to be a rather challenging feat. In an attempt to make pupils feel valued, a scheme was announced by Tony Blair in 2004 to provide every secondary school throughout England with...

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Restoration Man: Secret bunker is given stunning TV makeover

18th November 2014 by ProDEM

Earlier this year, the spotlight was shone on an enchanting restoration project in Nottingham as it was covered by hit Channel 4 TV show Restoration Man. The premise was to transform a derelict World War Two bomb-proof underground bunker into a boutique family home and hotel with a little help from Restoration Man presenter George...

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Is Demolition Ever the Best Way to Regenerate?

6th October 2014 by ProDEM

Rising house prices, a lack of affordable housing and diminishing social housing stock are all strong imperatives to increase the number of dwellings available, particularly for low income families and in areas of intense housing pressure. Given these factors, the current trend for demolishing many high rise developments with a large number of socially rented...

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City Centre Building to be Demolished for Victoria Centre Expansion

14th September 2014 by ProDEM

There is an exciting new development opportunity currently underway in Nottingham City Centre with the expansion of Victoria Centre and Broadmarsh shopping malls, bringing new clothing brands, music stores, restaurants and coffee shops to re-establish Nottingham as the leading shopping destination in the Midlands. Demolition of York House, Mansfield Road To make way for these...

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7 Tips for choosing the right Demolition Contractors

10th August 2014 by ProDEM

Demolition jobs may seem chaotic and disordered, but there is a great deal of planning and preparation that goes into the destruction of commercial and residential buildings. The safety and logistical aspects of bringing down a building dictate how contractors prepare for a project, from gaining permits to following strict health and safety codes. For...

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Salvage Secrets: Designing and Building with Reclaimed Materials

31st July 2014 by ProDEM

  Reclaimed building materials are becoming more and more commonly used across the country as they are salvaged from derelict properties that would have otherwise been deconstructed. During the deconstruction process, a surveyor determines what materials can be salvaged and what can’t prior to the work. This is certainly a labour-intensive and time-consuming task looking...

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How to Perform a Deconstruction Process

2nd June 2014 by ProDEM

Before a building is demolished, a process called deconstruction must be carried out in order to remove all architectural and structural elements of the property and salvage any materials which can be re-used. Deconstruction involves disassembling a building in order to recover the maximum amount of materials for their best possible reusability. It combines the...

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Site Clearance Tips

28th May 2014 by ProDEM

Before carrying out any building or landscaping work, it is essential that the site is cleared safely and efficiently Thorough planning and adherence to all relevant health and safety legislation will guarantee a professional job is completed, within the time and cost constraints. Site clearance can include the removal of waste, old foundations, tree stumps...

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Asbestos Scare At Poole Beach Huts

25th April 2014 by ProDEM

  Asbestos has been found in 32 Poole beach huts, with owners told to clear out their belongings before repairs take place as part of an action plan by Poole Council. A number of complaints about “water penetration” in the beach huts prompted Poole Council to try and work out how water was getting into...

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Welcome to our new blog!

9th April 2014 by ProDEM

The whole team at ProDEM are delighted to welcome you to our brand new blog! As part of our dedication to customer service through effective communication, we’ve decided to use our blog as a place to post news and advice both from inside the company and the wider world of the demolition industry. So check...

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