Asbestos Scare At Poole Beach Huts


Asbestos has been found in 32 Poole beach huts, with owners told to clear out their belongings before repairs take place as part of an action plan by Poole Council. A number of complaints about “water penetration” in the beach huts prompted Poole Council to try and work out how water was getting into the popular huts, before discovering asbestos in the properties. The Council informed beach hut tenants that they intend to replace the ceiling boarding and floor tiles, in line with their Asbestos Management Policy.

This asbestos decontamination has come as a shock to beach hut owners who argue that a portion of their beach hut costs should be refunded.


Hut tenant Heather Hartwell says, “I’m concerned we’ve only just found out about the asbestos now they need to do repairs. A lot of my really young family members use the beach hut and I hate to think of the risks it has for them.”

A Poole Beaches Team spokesperson said, “Two huts a day will be stripped of ceiling tiles and floors. The only risk is the huts will remain empty until the water issues are resolved then reinstatement will begin.”

The Government’s Health and Safety Executive stated that when asbestos fibres are inhaled, they can cause serious diseases, such as lung cancer, which are responsible for thousands of deaths a year. However, as long as the asbestos is not damaged, it won’t be a risk. Therefore, although the Council says there will still be asbestos in other beach huts, they say it is perfectly safe as long as it isn’t disturbed.

Poole Beaches Team say that each block on average will take one week to remove floor and ceiling tiles and a further week to reinstate both, but this is subject to weather conditions. A specialist contractor has been hired to carry out the asbestos decontamination work, using special airlocks to stop any asbestos fibres escaping. Workers are in protective clothing and there is even an onsite decontamination unit. Before it became widely known for its dangerous effects, asbestos was commonly used as a building material because of its physical properties.


It was a naturally fire resistant, durable, affordable and easy to maintain mineral which was utilised by construction and manufacturing industries across the board. Due to the associated risks, as well as other hazardous materials, asbestos removal should be completed with extreme care by professionals who are expertly trained and fully qualified to ensure a safe and thorough removal.

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