Which buildings should be demolished in Nottingham?

2015 had been a year of major demolition projects in Nottingham, with plans underway to revitalise Nottingham as a thriving modern city in the UK, and to reinstate its position as the number one shopping destination in the Midlands.

The new developments at York House.

This year has seen the approval of intu Broadmarsh renovation plans, intu Victoria Centre expansion and refurbishment works nearly completed, and the dreaded Lenton tower blocks finally being completely demolished.

Nottingham Post recently conducted a survey asking local residents which buildings they would want to see demolished in Nottingham if they had a choice, and our team at ProDEM have seen the results.

Concept for the new Broadmarsh Centre.

The poll remained split between:

– York House

– Posh Spice takeaway

– Unity Square

Each with 22% of the votes apiece, with Broadmarsh shopping centre following behind with 13% of votes.

One unhappy Nottingham local described Unity Square as:

“That disgusting tower block/office block that faces you as soon as you come out of the train station.”

She may be pleased to learn, then, that the Unity Square land was sold earlier this year, bringing plans to renovate the entire area into high-quality office space a lot closer. Similarly, the large Sovereign House on site was authorised to be demolished in 2014, signalling an entire revamp of the area directly opposite the ‘Hub’ of Nottingham train station.

Likewise, as ProDEM reported last year, York House is in the process of demolition to make way for intu Victoria Centre’s expansion plans, while Posh Spice takeaway on Goldsmith street was served with a demolition notice this year, ensuring that two of the biggest eyesores in Nottingham are soon to be gone!

York House, Mansfield Road, Nottingham - Before Demolition

Other suggestions included in the Post’s survey were Broadmarsh Bus Station and the NCP car park close by.

The on-going £40 million modernisation of intu Victoria Centre, and £150 million investment plans for intu Broadmarsh centre guarantee the beginning of a huge increase in renovation projects for the Nottingham area, demolishing or refurbishing unsightly buildings to make the city a more welcoming place.

It is important for every demolition project to be carried out in a professional and safe manner, so choosing the right company is important.

ProDEM have been leaders in the Nottingham demolition industry for years, following strict guidelines and ensuring our work does not harm the environment. No job is too big or too small for our professional, dedicated team, so if you need to discuss demolition requirements, feel free to get in touch with us today for further information on how we are able to help you.