The Safest Way To Remove Asbestos


Asbestos was commonly used throughout the 20th Century for fireproofing and insulation on a large commercial scale, and as a naturally occurring mineral, was an easy resource to use. However, asbestos is now known to be potentially deadly, and can cause lung diseases such as lung cancer and asbestosis if you are exposed to the fibres for a prolonged period of time.

The severity of harm asbestos can do to those exposed to it means the safe removal of asbestos is important, and not a task to be carried out by the untrained. As expert asbestos removal specialists, we always recommend you use professionals to remove asbestos. We’ve listed some of the safest ways to deal with the material below.


Leave It Alone

It’s still common for people to find asbestos-based insulation in their home or office, especially if the building is old. If you discover these materials but leave them undisturbed and see they are in good condition, the safest option may be to leave them alone.

The presence of materials containing asbestos are not a cause for alarm if it is undamaged and shows no signs of wear and tear – rather, the fibres that are released from asbestos when it is disturbed are the harmful elements.


Alternatives To Removing It

If you do not need to move the asbestos i.e. it is not damaged, and you are not planning on working on that area of the building, you may decide to leave it be.

In this situation, you can take steps to ensure the asbestos material remains in tact and undisturbed. Methods include sealing the area and painting over it, covering with a non-asbestos product and ensuring that you have safe access to check the material remains undamaged from time to time.


DIY Removal

A householder may legally remove asbestos from their property, however business owners must seek professional help by law. We would always advise you seek professional assistance in removing asbestos from any premises due to the harmful risk it poses should proper handling not be carried out.

You must use extreme caution if you are a homeowner and decide to remove asbestos from your home on your own. Ensure the area is well ventilated, and that you have paper overalls and an asbestos approved dust mask – these should also be disposed of with the materials. Make sure the asbestos is damp during work, as this minimises the release of any fibres or dust, and never use power tools, abrasive cutting or compressed air; all of these will cause the harmful fibres to be released.


Always Hire Professionals

The high risk asbestos materials can pose to people means it is always best practice to have asbestos removed with expert care by trained professionals. Here at ProDem, our team are experienced at carrying out the safe removal of asbestos under strict guidelines, ensuring the safety of our team and the people in the surrounding areas.

Contact us today for more information, and be safe in the knowledge that your asbestos problem will be handled reliably, safely, and in conformance with all laws.