Ways to Use Reclaimed Bricks

If you’re looking for a unique building material which is environmentally friendly and adds character to your property, reclaimed bricks are definitely worth considering. But reclaimed bricks aren’t exclusively reserved for big projects, there are plenty of interesting, creative ways to use reclaimed bricks for smaller DIY purposes, too.

This month we’re looking at some of the ways you can use reclaimed bricks to bring some extra distinction to your property.

In the garden

Your garden is the perfect place to experiment with reclaimed bricks. Nowhere else in your property offers a platform to display unique features or designs like the garden, and reclaimed bricks can fit in here perfectly in a number of ways.

Garden paths: Brick footpaths leading through the garden on grass or gravel can be a great addition to any outdoor space. The benefit of reclaimed bricks here is their character and aesthetic quality they offer. Instead of a simple, uniform display, reclaimed bricks have much greater visual appeal, allowing you to create striking patterns which add an extra layer to your garden.

In the garden, it’s wise to take advantage of imperfections, especially ones that show off age, and a reclaimed brick path will help you do this easily.

Raised flower beds and borders: Borders and flower beds are often the more subtle aspects of your garden, leaving plants and flowers to bring the attractive visuals. But you can create some beautiful complementary borders and raised flower beds with reclaimed bricks, which help to bring out the colours and textures of your chosen garden flora.

Reclaimed brick ponds: A pond will add a lot to any garden, and reclaimed bricks are prime candidates for the project. The variety of colour and texture of the bricks will bring extra character to the water feature, contrasting the dark water beautifully.

In the home

Reclaimed bricks can be put to use indoors, too. Whether you want to create some nifty decorations, or would like to add something to existing indoor features, reclaimed bricks might just be ideal.

Books and bookends: You don’t just have to use reclaimed bricks as a construction material, they can make terrific decorative objects as well. Two interesting ways to use reclaimed bricks involve painting them to create patterned bookends for your bookshelf, or to create quirky brick ‘books’ themselves.

You can create your own custom book spines and covers, or turn the bricks into recreations of your favourite book covers. You can make a varied display filled with colour, and the differing textures between bricks will add a distinctive layer, too. Chipped edges and corners only add to the appeal!

Feature wall: Feature walls are meant to show off a different design choice compared to the rest of the room, and reclaimed bricks are especially suited to this. Reclaimed bricks bring a certain pop to any home, and are ideal if you want to accentuate a traditional style or to contrast with contemporary decor. Whether it’s the bedroom, dining room, living room or wherever, a reclaimed brick feature wall is a fun project which brings real variety to your home.

Hearth/fireplace: The fireplace is traditionally the centrepiece of the home, and reclaimed bricks can help you recapture that traditional atmosphere. Whether you want to use the bricks around the entirety of the fireplace, or just for the hearth, reclaimed bricks will go perfectly in any fireplace.

Candle holders: Some reclaimed bricks might be suited to act as makeshift candle holders. This is a simple use for leftover bricks, and takes no time at all. You can paint them to add some extra colour or to fit the decor of the room, or just leave them as they are and let them speak for themselves.

Reclaimed brick supplier

There are plenty of ways to make use of reclaimed bricks around the home, and the reclaimed bricks available from ProDEM are perfect for DIY projects of any scale. If you’re looking for reclaimed bricks as a unique, environmentally friendly construction material – or need something special to use in a certain project – you can rely on ProDEM to supply high quality reclaimed bricks to suit your needs.

ProDEM endeavour to recycle as many building materials as possible from any demolition project we are involved in. Thanks to this approach, we are able to supply a wide range of reclaimed goods, including bricks, to customers throughout Nottingham, Derby, Leicester and the wider Midlands area. To find out more, dont hesitate to get in touch with our friendly team today.