2028-2035: An Asbestos Free World

4th June 2016 by ProDEM

Asbestos was widely used in construction for many years before the downsides and hazards of using it were finally realised. Asbestos remains in many buildings around the UK. Pubs, houses and even schools could still contain asbestos today. Recent times have unearthed the dangers of asbestos, and many establishments have had it removed, but now there seems to be a real push towards total and complete asbestos removal.


The plan for complete removal and disposal of asbestos has been put forward by the All-Party Parliamentary Group (APPG) On Occupational Safety and Health, who have proposed that a law come into effect for the ‘safe, phased and planned removal of all the asbestos that still remains in Britain’. The proposed law will mean that by 2035, every trace of asbestos in Britain’s buildings will be removed, in an effort to prevent asbestos related deaths throughout the country. It’s a large scale plan that is multifaceted and implies action and consequences for many parties.

The plan

The proposed law relies on a number of deadlines which deal with the identification, planning and actual removal of asbestos in premises across Britain. These are the key proposals of the plan:


While voicing opposition to the continued presence and dangers of asbestos has been considered positive, the plan itself has been met with concerns. The plan is incredibly comprehensive and ambitious – those are only the key points – but it fears surrounding its practicality and cost remain. The main concerns are:

These concerns seem like a realistic, grounding reaction to the proposed law. While it’s generally agreed that asbestos removal is important, the goal may not be achievable with this current plan. However, there are countries with successful asbestos removal programs already in place  – Australia and Poland – so there is precedence for a large scale scheme like this to come into effect.

Asbestos removal is a long term goal and any proposed plan or law needs to be carefully scrutinised and appraised. Even if this law never comes to fruition, it is still obvious that the pressure to remove asbestos from buildings is growing stronger, and aspects of this proposed reform might well come into play in some way in the near future.

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