Demolition: Achieving a Reclamation-Led Approach – Part 2

16th May 2016 by ProDEM

Reclamation is growing more and more important, and here at ProDEM, we are looking to maximise the amount of reclaimed products on every job, to help the demolition industry learn how to become more sustainable, cost effective and beneficial to the environment.

It is of growing importance to educate those involved in any demolition project, and wider audiences, about the benefits of reclamation. A sound understanding of the reasons behind reclamation will help lead to successful projects and help eliminate any confusion that may occur during implementation of new rules and regulations. As covered, putting effort into the preparation of a new approach will make the process much easier to adapt to.

On site

Members of the project team should already be experienced in the necessity for clear, understandable signage on-site, so implementing signage which clearly communicates and marks zones for every step in the reclamation process will encourage a smooth operation. Anybody on site should be able to easily identify areas for:

This is an easy to follow system and can be hugely effective in educating anybody involved on a demolition project, including subcontractors.

Outside Sources

There will be some materials which cannot be reused on site, but that doesn’t mean they cannot be a part of the reclamation process. Reclamation can help save you money and protect the environment, so it is smart to take full advantage of materials that could potentially be reused.

If you cannot make use of the materials on-site, an outside source almost certainly can.  Material information exchanges can continue the work started on-site by transferring materials so they can be put to use elsewhere.

Finding end users for materials helps carry on the goal of cutting down on wasted products and material, and saves space on-site. Material information exchanges, local charitable organisations and specialist reclamation companies should allow ample opportunity to recycle any material you might otherwise be forced to demolish. Sourcing end users could potentially require longer lead times, but the eventual benefits are more than worth it.

Educating the team about the benefits of reclamation, and getting them used to the process, is the first step in engaging them in the activities. This will ensure that the reclamation process becomes an easily integrable part of any demolition project ahead.

Planning and Management

Maximising reclamation on demolition projects is an expansive process and should be thoroughly planned before being carefully and expertly managed. Implementation of reclamation needs to have the same level of care and attention throughout any project, so an effective planning and management system is crucial. Such a system should involve these aspects.

ProDEM is committed to finding the best, most sustainable and effective way of using the reclamation-led approach. We want to maximise the amount of reclaimed products on any demolition job, so our customers have the widest possible choice of reusable materials available.

Contact the friendly team at ProDEM today if you want to discuss your own demolition project or to purchase affordable materials for your site. We are more than happy to help.