Are builders and construction workers at risk from asbestos?

6th November 2023 by ProDEM

At ProDEM, we often get asked “Are builders and construction workers at risk from asbestos?”. This is a common concern due to it being so harmful if ingested. Although there was a ban on asbestos as a construction material in the UK in the late 1990s, it can still be found in many buildings built before 1999. 

If asbestos isn’t disturbed, it is generally harmless. Asbestos becomes toxic if its fibres become airborne. This means builders and construction workers can still be at risk from asbestos. Nonetheless, there are various steps that builders and construction workers can take if they are ever working in its presence. Asbestos was a popular construction material in the past due to its resistance to fire, heat and many chemicals, however, it fell out of favour when more information about its dangers came to light. Help is available if you require the services of asbestos removal contractors in Nottingham.

How can builders and construction workers protect themselves from asbestos?Asbestos Removal in Nottingham

Builders and construction workers can protect themselves from asbestos exposure by following strict safety protocols and guidelines. Those working on sites where asbestos may be present 

should receive full training on the hazards of asbestos. They also need to know how to identify, handle and remove it.

Is asbestos testing needed?

Before any building or demolition work begins, you need to arrange thorough asbestos surveys and testing. These tell us whether any asbestos-containing materials are present on a property. If someone suspects they are working with or close to asbestos-containing materials, they should stop working immediately and speak to their employer. Their employer can decide whether the services of a licenced contractor are necessary.

PPE for asbestos

Workers should also use suitable PPE when working with or close to asbestos-containing materials. These can include disposable coveralls, respiratory protection, gloves and eye protection. Workers should also know how to wear, remove and dispose of these PPE to avoid contamination.

Preventing asbestos contamination

Work areas that contain asbestos materials should be isolated to prevent other parts of the site from being contaminated. It’s also important to avoid using power tools that could generate dust when working with or near asbestos materials. If asbestos removal is required, it’s important that the job is carried out by experienced professionals who know exactly how to handle asbestos safely.

Which other steps can builders and construction workers take to protect themselves?

Workers should clean themselves thoroughly after working near or with asbestos. Asbestos waste should be properly labelled and packaged in special containers, and certified waste disposal services should be used to dispose of asbestos-containing materials. When undertaking a task that produces a lot of waste, clean up as you go to stop waste from building up. All waste should be double-bagged and disposed of properly in a licenced tip. Workers should always take the opportunity to wash when they can, ideally before breaks and certainly before they head home.

Why is asbestos a risk?

Asbestos is a risk because its fibres can be inhaled if materials that contain it are disturbed. Builders and construction workers can be at particular risk of asbestos exposure because they often work in buildings which contain it. Asbestos is a carcinogen. Exposure to its fibres can lead to serious health problems including mesothelioma and lung cancer.

How do you safely remove asbestosHow to choose the right asbestos removal contractors in Nottingham?

Now you know the answer to the question “Are builders and construction workers at risk from asbestos?”, you may be wondering how to find suitable asbestos removal contractors in Nottingham. The first step to take is to make sure the company is licenced and certified to carry out this work. The company must also have liability insurance so you’re covered if any mistakes are made during the removal process. Make sure the company has a large number of positive reviews and many years of experience to draw upon. Additionally, each member of the asbestos removal team should have received full training to carry out this work. 

Don’t be afraid to ask as many questions as you feel you need to when you need access to asbestos removal contractors in Nottingham. Ask them about the safety measures they’ll be taking and what they will do to protect workers, the public and the environment during the process. The company should also carry out a thorough survey of your site before any work begins. This enables them to see the full extent of asbestos contamination and come up with an effective plan for removal. 

The company you choose for asbestos removal should maintain clear and open communication throughout the project. They should also use safety gear and equipment of the highest quality. Reputable and credible asbestos removal companies also clean your site thoroughly after taking asbestos-containing materials from your site. 

Why choose us? 

There are many great reasons for choosing ProDEM when you need asbestos removal contractors in Nottingham. We have many years of experience behind us and can carry out a thorough survey if you suspect asbestos is present on your site. If we do identify asbestos, we can remove it safely and dispose of it on your behalf. Removing asbestos yourself can be very dangerous, so it’s always best to leave things to the professionals. 

We can remove this toxic material from your site with a minimum of fuss. You can relax in the knowledge that we only ever use the safest removal methods. We can come to your assistance whether you’re altering, renovating or demolishing a building. Removing asbestos and disposing of it safely enables you to minimise the impact on the local environment and population. Why not take a look at our testimonials page to see what our customers have been saying about us?

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