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Why should I hire a demolitions contractor?

13th April 2021 by ProDEM

People hire demolitions contractors for many reasons. So you may find yourself asking “Why should I hire a demolitions contractor?”. You may want to use the services of a demolitions contractor when you’re making changes to a landscape. Demolitions specialists can also assist if you’re constructing new buildings and need to remove obstructions from the […]

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What are demolition contractors?

8th January 2021 by ProDEM

Do you require a building or structure tearing down? If so, you’ll require the services of a demolition contractor to carry out the job safely and efficiently. At ProDEM, we’ve been at the forefront of demolition in Nottingham, Derby, and Leicester for many years, building a fantastic reputation throughout the region. Read on to find […]

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Demolition: The start of something new

1st February 2018 by ProDEM

Demolition sites often have a bad reputation for being noisy and an eyesore to walk past each day. However, these are very short term implications for what can be a process to begin again, to renew and regenerate our cities. Especially if you consider that demolition doesn’t necessarily have to involve heavy machinery. Long Term Benefits […]

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Demolition News: Nottingham’s Broadmarsh Demolition

4th December 2017 by ProDEM

Built at the beginning of the 1970s in an area that was historically boggy ground,  Broadmarsh has been a key shopping centre and bus station in Nottingham for decades. With over fifty outlets, from restaurants and tailors to gadget and clothes shops, Broadmarsh had a lot to offer. The ‘Ugliest’Building in Nottingham However, over the […]

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Demolition: Permission Matters

1st November 2017 by ProDEM

Around this time last year, three properties in the Coldharbour Conservation Area were demolished without planning permission. The result: those illegally demolished Victorian houses must be rebuilt “brick by brick”. This was in part due to the poor explanation offered by the owners, and also because the properties themselves were considered to be “of historical […]

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How to make your demolition project as environmentally friendly as possible

28th April 2017 by ProDEM

Eco-friendly construction methods have been the norm for decades and there are improvements in sustainable building practices year on year, but how do you take demolition and make it green? Demolition vs Deconstruction Razing a building to the ground the old fashioned way can be responsible for a large carbon footprint, especially when many waste […]

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Things to Consider before Demolition

15th March 2017 by ProDEM

Demolition day is the most tangible sign that a project has begun. For some people that means getting rid of an eyesore once and for all. For others, it means clearing the way for an exciting new structure, possibly a new home, public facility or business premises. To get the process right first time, let’s […]

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Demolition & Dismantling: Prevention & Control Measures – Part 3

27th September 2016 by ProDEM

ProDEM are proud to be one of the top demolition contractors Nottingham has to offer, and we are always concerned with ensuring that every demolition project is performed as safely and efficiently as possible. We finish our 3 part series on demolition and dismantling: prevention and control measures by having a look at the further […]

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Demolition & Dismantling: Prevention & Control Measures – Part 1

4th August 2016 by ProDEM

As one of the top demolition contractors Nottingham has to offer, ProDEM know that one of the biggest continued challenges facing demolition projects is that of the prevention and control of potential dangers. Demolition is a dangerous construction and, as such, needs strict attention payed at all times to ensure a safe working environment. Need […]

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Demolition: Achieving a Reclamation-Led Approach – Part 2

16th May 2016 by ProDEM

Reclamation is growing more and more important, and here at ProDEM, we are looking to maximise the amount of reclaimed products on every job, to help the demolition industry learn how to become more sustainable, cost effective and beneficial to the environment. It is of growing importance to educate those involved in any demolition project, […]

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Demolition: Breathing New Life into Old Buildings

24th December 2015 by ProDEM

Demolition is often only considered for it’s main purpose; the safe demolition of old buildings. However, what is often not discussed is the aftermath, and why the building was demolished in the first place. Demolition clears room for new and exciting buildings, improving upon what was once there. We’ve listed a few examples from across […]

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Demolition and Site Clearing: An Insight

26th October 2015 by ProDEM

As a leading demolition company, our contractors are frequently hired to demolish old buildings from garages to tower blocks, to make way for new designs. We also clear the site of the debris, and are expertly trained to carry out the safe removal of asbestos. We’ve outlined an insight into what goes into a demolition […]

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