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Which buildings should be demolished in Nottingham?

31st July 2015 by ProDEM

2015 had been a year of major demolition projects in Nottingham, with plans underway to revitalise Nottingham as a thriving modern city in the UK, and to reinstate its position as the number one shopping destination in the Midlands. The new developments at York House. This year has seen the approval of intu Broadmarsh renovation […]

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Nottingham’s Ugliest Building

16th June 2015 by ProDEM

In April 2014, Imperial Tobacco announced the phased closure of its massive cigarette manufacturing, known as ‘Horizon’, on Thane Road in Nottingham, by 2016. Originally built for John Player & Sons in 1971, at a cost of £14 million, Horizon was considered state-of-the-art in its construction at the time but, more recently, has been dubbed […]

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Demolition or Refurbishment – Which is Best?

27th May 2015 by ProDEM

When deciding whether to refurbish or demolish a building, a technical assessment must be made to determine which option is best suited for the structure. This decision can be based on: Energy impact of the building Performance Cost Even though the process of demolishing and constructing a structure can generally take longer, if the building […]

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Nottingham bioscience facility

25th February 2015 by ProDEM

  At the end of 2014, it was reported that Nottingham City Council gave the go-ahead for a new life science incubator to be built on the brownfield land close to BioCity, in Pennyfoot Street. Plans for this bioscience facility have indicated that the five-storey, 50,000 sq ft building will be located next to the […]

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Is Demolition Ever the Best Way to Regenerate?

6th October 2014 by ProDEM

Rising house prices, a lack of affordable housing and diminishing social housing stock are all strong imperatives to increase the number of dwellings available, particularly for low income families and in areas of intense housing pressure. Given these factors, the current trend for demolishing many high rise developments with a large number of socially rented […]

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City Centre Building to be Demolished for Victoria Centre Expansion

14th September 2014 by ProDEM

There is an exciting new development opportunity currently underway in Nottingham City Centre with the expansion of Victoria Centre and Broadmarsh shopping malls, bringing new clothing brands, music stores, restaurants and coffee shops to re-establish Nottingham as the leading shopping destination in the Midlands. Demolition of York House, Mansfield Road To make way for these […]

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Site Clearance Tips

28th May 2014 by ProDEM

Before carrying out any building or landscaping work, it is essential that the site is cleared safely and efficiently Thorough planning and adherence to all relevant health and safety legislation will guarantee a professional job is completed, within the time and cost constraints. Site clearance can include the removal of waste, old foundations, tree stumps […]

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Asbestos Scare At Poole Beach Huts

25th April 2014 by ProDEM

  Asbestos has been found in 32 Poole beach huts, with owners told to clear out their belongings before repairs take place as part of an action plan by Poole Council. A number of complaints about “water penetration” in the beach huts prompted Poole Council to try and work out how water was getting into […]

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