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Posted by admin on 5th April 2024

Why is asbestos dangerous?

Asbestos is a significant health hazard, responsible for various respiratory diseases and cancers. Although banned in many countries, including the UK, this material still poses a threat due to its presence in older buildings. When asbestos-containing materials (ACMS) are disturbed, microscopic fibres are released into the air, where they can be inhaled. Read on to find out why is asbestos dangerous.  [embed][/embed] What is asbestos?  Asbestos is a naturally occurring...

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Posted by admin on 6th February 2024

Why choose demolition services? [ Infographic ]

For a building demolition project to be both successful and safe, it requires a combination of meticulous planning, expertise and the right resources. Although some people are tempted to carry out DIY demolition work themselves to cut costs, this can be extremely dangerous. If you need a structure demolished quickly and safely, choose professional demolition in Leicester. Read on to find out why choose demolition services for your next project. ...

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Posted by admin on 8th January 2024

Benefits of deconstruction

Deconstruction comes with a wide range of benefits for businesses and the economy. Not only can contribute to sustainability and create jobs but it can deliver long-term cost savings. Additionally, it allows you to reduce waste, preserve materials and assets of high value, and make a valuable contribution to the local and global environment. Read on to discover the key benefits of deconstruction.  Environmental conservation Deconstruction enables us to salvage...

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Posted by admin on 6th September 2023

How to clean up after a demolition takes place [ Infographic ]

Are you unsure how to clean up after a demolition takes place? If so, you’re certainly not alone. Many site managers find the task of cleaning up following demolition work to be a challenging task due to the substantial amount of debris that tends to remain. In especially testing scenarios, the clean-up process can involve dealing with various hazardous materials. In this article, we’ll talk about the steps that are...

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Posted by admin on 6th July 2023

7 tips for choosing the right demolition contractors

Considerable amounts of skill, knowledge and expertise are involved in destroying commercial and residential buildings. Therefore, if you do need to find a demolition contractor, it’s important to consider your options carefully. If you hire a company that provides a substandard service, you’re likely to find yourself bitterly regretting it. The demolition contractor that you use must comply with strict health and safety codes. They should prioritise safety at all...

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Posted by admin on 6th March 2023

Demolition safety

If you’re looking for useful tips on demolition safety, this article will provide you with valuable advice. There are many things you need to consider before any work gets underway on a demolition site, including prioritising Health and Safety. For more essential information on carrying out safe demolition in Nottingham, read on. Before you start work There are multiple steps you need to take to keep you and others safe...

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Posted by admin on 6th January 2023

Does demolition affect the environment? [ Infographic ]

Are you wondering “Does demolition affect the environment?”. Then read on. In this article, we’ve taken a closer look at the impact that demolition work can have on the planet. The truth is that whilst demolishing buildings can have a detrimental effect on the environment, there are steps that responsible demolition companies can take to minimise this. Hundreds of structures are demolished each day. Although many of these structures contain...

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Posted by admin on 8th September 2022

What would happen if we didn’t demolish any more buildings?

With several architects saying that structures should be protected rather than knocked down, many people are wondering “What would happen if we didn’t demolish any more buildings?” Read on to find out more.  [embed][/embed] What are architects saying about demolitions? Many architects are saying that structures should be protected since this can help to fight climate change. They are widely in agreement that property owners should opt to upgrade draughty...

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Posted by ProDEM on 21st July 2022

Demolition or Refurbishment – Which is Best?

When it comes to your old building demolition or refurbishment are both options. If this is the case then a technical assessment must be made to determine which option is best suited for the structure. This decision can be based on: The energy impact of the building Performance Cost The process of demolishing and constructing a structure can generally take longer. However, if the building is unstable and needs to be...

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