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Posted by admin on 8th November 2022

How does demolition work?

Are you wondering ‘How does demolition work’? If so, this article will tell you much more about the process than you might already be aware of. All buildings are designed with lifespans in mind. This means architects and their associates know how long a structure is likely to last as soon as the construction process is complete.  Once this date is reached, buildings can become dangerous to use. Therefore, they...

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Posted by jask Media on 13th October 2021

What are the benefits of plant hire? [Infographic]

Have you been wondering ‘What are the benefits of plant hire’? If so, keep reading. Plant hire comes with a range of advantages, including being much less expensive than paying for costly machinery outright. If you don’t want to make a big financial commitment but you do require access to these powerful tools, it’s an incredibly wise move to look into plant hire. At ProDEM, we’re here for you whenever...

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Posted by jask Media on 14th September 2021

What should I look for in a demolition contractor?

Are you wondering ‘what should I look for in a demolition contractor’? If so, this article is for you. In this guide, we’ll tell you what makes a great demolition contractor and what your minimum expectations should be if you are ready to hire one. If you need demolition contractors in Nottingham or Leicester, it’s important to do your research before committing to anything. Find the right professional demolition contractor...

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Posted by jask Media on 5th August 2021

What are the different types of demolition services?

Demolition is all about removing existing structures and buildings so the land can be used for another purpose. There are several types of demolition available to you, with the most common option being to tear down entire structures. In some cases, clients only require a part of a building removing or the interior demolishing. If you’re wondering what are the different types of demolition services, read on.  Complete demolition  ...

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Posted by ProDEM on 9th April 2014

Welcome to our new blog!

The whole team at ProDEM are delighted to welcome you to our brand new blog! As part of our dedication to customer service through effective communication, we’ve decided to use our blog as a place to post news and advice both from inside the company and the wider world of the demolition industry. So check back here regularly for our monthly articles, and don’t hesitate to get in touch in...

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