Demolition and Site Clearing: An Insight

26th October 2015 by ProDEM

As a leading demolition company, our contractors are frequently hired to demolish old buildings from garages to tower blocks, to make way for new designs. We also clear the site of the debris, and are expertly trained to carry out the safe removal of asbestos.

Demolition crane performing site clearance

We’ve outlined an insight into what goes into a demolition project below.

Small Demolition vs Large Demolition

Demolition contractors must be trained to carry out projects of all sizes, as equipment used depends on the size of the building to be demolished.

Smaller buildings, for example, rely more on manual labour, utilising hydraulic equipment to break down concrete structures. On the other side of the scale, larger buildings will often require far more in-depth planning in order to safely demolish them, and can require larger scale equipment such as a wrecking ball.


Our contractors are required to carry out extensive planning prior to beginning to demolition process in order to ensure the safety of everyone, and that the project is carried out correctly.

The site plan should provide all details of elements to be demolished and removed, as well as where skips, site entrances and exits, limit lines and other elements are. Steps are also taken to ensure the process does not interfere with the neighbouring environment, including nearby premises.

6 Responsibilities ALL Demolition Contractors have:

#1 Recycling Site Materials

Demolition contractors are responsible for outlining any site materials that are to be recycled from the site, for example, gravel, topsoil etc.

#2 Clearing Debris

They are also responsible for clearing and disposing of the demolition debris, ensuring to keep in line with the laws and regulations of that county.

#3 Protect Plants and Trees

Any trees that are to be removed from a site should be reviewed in advance, and any plants or trees to remain must be protected via construction fences to ensure no damage comes to them.

#4 Disconnect Utilities

Contractors must ensure utilities are disconnected prior to the project beginning. This includes water, gas, and electricity, and is essential to ensure the safety of everyone on site.

#5 Secure the Site

The site must be appropriately cordoned off from the public to ensure the safety of passers-by and the contractors whilst they are working.

#6 Don’t Damage Public Property

Public footpaths and roads are not be damaged during the demolition process – ways to avoid this should be outlined in the plan.

At ProDEM, we’re proud to be one of the leading demolition contractors across Nottingham and the Midlands region. Our trained experts carry out every project under strict guidelines, ensuring the safety of every person and the surrounding environment.

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