Demolition: Breathing New Life into Old Buildings

24th December 2015 by ProDEM

Demolition is often only considered for it’s main purpose; the safe demolition of old buildings. However, what is often not discussed is the aftermath, and why the building was demolished in the first place. Demolition clears room for new and exciting buildings, improving upon what was once there.

We’ve listed a few examples from across the UK where demolition has been used to breath life into a formerly old, unappealing building site to create something better.

Glasgow Tarfside Oval

Three apartment blocks in Glasgow’s Tarfside Oval were demolished earlier this year using 180 kilos of explosives. The blocks, built in 1964, had been vacant for over a year, and had become a neglected and old fashioned feature for the town of Cardonald despite their long-standing reputation in the area.




Instead, the old blocks were demolished as part of a £5 million regeneration plan for the area, with plans to build 50 new homes for residents in the area. The director of property for the Wheatley Group, Alex McGuire, said the demolition would make a ‘massive difference’ to the surrounding residents and the neighbourhood altogether. The plans aim to breath new life into the community, transforming the once dilapidated blocks in a site that can be enjoyed by everyone for generations.

Greyfriars Building

In March this year Northampton’s Greyfriars bus station was demolished. The building, nicknamed ‘the mouth of hell’, was infamous for it’s ugly architecture, and was often amongst the highest voted buildings to be demolished in the UK!

The Greyfriars building is a perfect example of demolition helping to make room for something better and new – what exactly that will be is still in question, but the people of Northampton can at least rest easy with the dated building removed from the city’s skyline.

Camden renovation

This year’s Camden renovation project is yet another example of the way demolition can breath life into old building sites. Camden officials unveiled plans at the beginning of this year to demolish hundreds of abandoned homes to reduce crime and entice developers into the area.

The project aims to attract employers into the area, and then have workers want to live in the area, creating a community with better housing and reduced crime levels overall.

Here at ProDEM, we’re one of the leading demolition contractors across Nottingham, Derby, Leicester, and the Midlands region. We’re committed to maintaining a safe and effective service at all times, and our proud to be involved in the transformation of an area to better the lives of the community.

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