Demolition News: Nottingham’s Broadmarsh Demolition

4th December 2017 by ProDEM

Built at the beginning of the 1970s in an area that was historically boggy ground,  Broadmarsh has been a key shopping centre and bus station in Nottingham for decades. With over fifty outlets, from restaurants and tailors to gadget and clothes shops, Broadmarsh had a lot to offer.

The ‘Ugliest’Building in Nottingham

However, over the years, the building has deteriorated – it was even voted “the ugliest building in Nottingham”.

Despite refurbishments in 1988, the shopping centre still left much to be desired. So, in 2015 a new plan for the development of the centre was put in place which, in 2017, is now beginning, starting with it’s demolition. In this article, ProDEM will take a look at this new £250 million development – one of the biggest renovation projects that Nottingham has ever seen.

When will the demolition take place?

After months of preparation, the demolition is taking place right now! Heavy machinery has already moved in and started dismantling the building, which should be brought to the ground within the next few weeks. However, that said, the work officially started in the middle of September (2017) when retired nursery teacher Joy Rice, after impressing the council with her poem, swung a ceremonial sledgehammer.

Have they started to build anything yet?

‘Works are underway to transform the area into a great entrance to the south of the city centre with improved shopping, leisure and restaurant facilities in a vibrant new environment.’ Nottingham City Council.

From disruptions and issues, the development of the new Broadmarsh centre has finally begun (2019) and looks to be on track for a 2021 completion date.

There are many new benefits to the development, and the people of Nottingham are finally beginning to see the long awaited changes the council proposed back in 2015.

What will the new Broadmarsh Centre have to offer?

According to Nottingham City Council, the new development will offer benefits and new areas for everyone.

Benefits for Pedestrians

– Easier to move around with better streets and safer crossings

– Traffic free public space on Collin Street and reduced traffic on Canal Street

– Priority at crossings and better links to other destinations

Benefits for Cyclists

– Substantial reduction in traffic

– Link to the new Western Cycle Corridor, Eastern Cycle Corridor and connections to south

– Better Citycard Cycle facilities

Benefits for Bus passengers

– Buses would move more easily through the area

– A new bus station, meaning passengers can alight into a much more pedestrian friendly area

– Bus stops could be moved from Collin Street to Canal Street

Benefits for Taxi passengers

– New 24 hour taxi bay on Collin Street

– New night-time rank outside Ocean nightclub

Benefits for Motorists

– New entrance and exit on Canal Street

– A brand new, refreshed and modern car park

– Collin Street would be pedestrianised and the middle section of Canal Street restricted

– Through traffic routed onto London Road, Queen’s Road, Sheriffs Way, Waterway Street West, Wilford Road and Wilford Street

Benefits for Blue badge holders

– The improved pedestrian environment could make it safer and easier for disabled people to move around the area. Disabled spaces and a new Shopmobility facility will be available in the Broadmarsh Car Park with direct access to Collin Street

Benefits for Businesses

– New loading facilities and access to off-street facilities on Canal Street

– Timed access for loading and unloading on the new Collin Street public space and on the pedestrianised section of Carrington Street

What will the new Broadmarsh look like?

Everyone who has entered the city from the south understands how uninspiring it looks, but luckily, we won’t have to worry about that soon. Once the £250 million redevelopment project is completed, Broadmarsh will have an extremely impressive array of facilities. The much-maligned structure will become a brand new shopping, cinema, leisure and restaurant complex, along with brand new bus terminals, too.

On top of this, Collin Street and part of Carrington Street will be pedestrianised, while Canal Street will become a ‘pedestrian-friendly area’ with reduced traffic. Also, since the merger of New College and Central College, a brand new skills hub for 20,000 students will be created.

The importance of sustainable demolition

With a project on this scale, it’s important to highlight the importance of sustainable demolition. That is, when a demolition project is undertaken, it’s vital that as much of the rubble is reclaimed or recycled as possible. However, in order to ensure that this happens, you must enlist a reputable company.

Here at ProDEM, we ensure that everything that can be reclaimed or recycled is, meaning that we can help create a more environmentally future with our clients.

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