Demolition and Relocation in Nottingham

31st March 2015 by ProDEM


Safe demolition and relocation is a key part of improving local neighbourhoods and city centres. It can be an efficient, cost-effective way of transforming areas which need updating and dealing with older properties from the 1960s and 1970s which have become too expensive to maintain.


Nottingham City Homes, who manage Nottingham City Council’s rented and leasehold homes, have been working hard to enhance neighbourhoods throughout Nottingham. Their demolition programme aims to help hundreds of tenants find new homes, as well as supporting many more applicants going through the process.

This demolition work  is part of a wider initiative to build a better Nottingham through modernisation and urban regeneration. Demolition projects currently underway in 2015 include:

Furthermore, major redevelopment programmes are happening in the city to improve the area and revive the sites, including:

These large-scale projects will improve the social, economic and physical aspects of the city by  tightening ties within the community, providing job opportunities and enhancing the overall appearance of the area.


While these programmes signify a proactive change in improving the city, it’s very important that all demolition work is carried out safely and efficiently using an accredited qualified demolition company. Throughout the entire process, there are strict procedures and guidelines in place to ensure the highest standards of care are met.

As a leading demolition company, here at ProDem all our work is carried out under the strictest  guidelines to ensure every precaution is taken to protect the site and it’s surrounding area. When hiring our services you can rest assured knowing that we will deliver a safe, reliable and professional service at all times. As an accredited Local Authority Approved company, we are members of:

Whatever the scale, size or requirements of the project, our experienced team will carry out all demolition work with the total precision and care. For further information or to book an appointment with us, don’t hesitate to get in touch today.