Does demolition affect the environment? [ Infographic ]

6th January 2023 by ProDEM

Are you wondering “Does demolition affect the environment?”. Then read on. In this article, we’ve taken a closer look at the impact that demolition work can have on the planet. The truth is that whilst demolishing buildings can have a detrimental effect on the environment, there are steps that responsible demolition companies can take to minimise this. Hundreds of structures are demolished each day. Although many of these structures contain non-renewable resources and materials which can be recycled or re-used with ease, some less-than-scrupulous companies simply send these to landfill unnecessarily. Keep reading to find out more about reducing the environmental impact of demolition in Nottingham.Does demolition affect the environment


The risks of sending waste to landfill

It’s vital to attempt to reuse or recycle as many valuable materials as possible when a demolition project is taking place. It can be much cheaper and easier for construction and demolition companies to send materials to landfill sites, but this waste can have a very negative impact on the environment. Landfill sites emit methane, which is a major cause of air pollution which worsens the greenhouse effect. When substances like varnishes, paints and other chemicals are sent to landfill sites, this can cause hazardous substances to be absorbed into the earth. As a result of this, groundwater can be affected. Runoff can then occur, and this can pollute waterways, contaminate our freshwater supplies and harm our ecosystems.

Demolition in Nottingham can add pollutants to the environment. When buildings are torn down, loose debris and dust can end up settling around the area or several miles away. This can have a negative impact on local residents. These substances can end up settling on people’s lawns, in their gardens and even in their homes.

What can demolition contractors do to minimise their impact on the environment?Plant Hire in Nottingham

There are many steps demolition contractors can take to minimise their impact on the environment and make a better contribution to the world around them. By minimising the impact that they have on the environment, demolition companies can improve their green credentials. And avoid fines and penalties whilst improving their reputations in the process. Some steps can be taken before demolition occurs, whilst others can happen beforehand.

Eliminating waste

Demolition contractors can take various steps to ensure they are dealing with waste in a sustainable manner. One of these steps is to educate their workers about the importance of keeping waste to a minimum and recycling as many materials as possible. Quality training can inform workers about what can and can’t be salvaged. When it comes to demolition, project managers can consider deconstructing buildings instead of destroying them when possible. Soft teardowns can remove much of the risk of air pollution. Once demolition workers have determined which materials can be reused or recycled, they can consider demolishing the remaining structure under a building cover to keep the spread of dust to a minimum.


If a demolition project is likely to produce waste, workers can recycle as much as possible to ensure as little is being sent to landfill sites as possible. Recyclable materials commonly identified during demolition projects include concrete, metal, wood and asphalt. Some hardware, appliances and light fixtures can be donated to organisations such as charities.

What happens to the building materials during demolitionIdentifying reusable materials

Whilst some materials can be recycled, others can be reused. These can include copper wiring, wooden beams and aluminium gutters. These can be salvaged during the soft stripping process. If a project manager feels they can’t use these materials in a future project, they could sell them to another company or donate them to charity. When we salvage and reuse certain materials, we can avoid wasting non-renewable ones. Examples of non-renewable materials include aluminium, steel and copper. This reduces the need for miners to dig for metal, a process which has a negative impact on the environment. Mining can contaminate soil, water and air whilst disturbing landscapes and destroying ecosystems.

How the demolition industry is becoming more sustainable

More and more construction and demolition companies are now taking steps to minimise their impact on the environment. Waste from demolition projects can harm the environment in many ways. But this impact can be greatly reduced when quality training is in place and attempts are made to salvage as many useful materials as possible. It’s essential that demolition and construction companies try to send as little to landfill sites as possible, using facilities like recycling centres whenever they can.

Who can help with demolition in Nottingham?

Now you know the answer to the question “does demolition affect the environment?”, you may be wondering who can help with responsible, eco-friendly demolition in Nottingham. At ProDEM, we have been carrying out sustainable demolition work in Nottingham and the surrounding areas for many years. Having been in the business for more than three decades, we can be counted on to deliver the first-class service that you require when you need help with demolition and hazardous waste removal and disposal.

We have worked on a wide range of projects over the years. Demolishing everything from small structures such as garages to large industrial buildings and everything in between. All of the work that we carry out comes fully guaranteed to give you the peace of mind that you require. We are passionate about sending as little to landfill sites as we possibly can. So we can keep our environmental impact to an absolute minimum. We offer services to meet a host of requirements. These include high-reach demolition, asbestos removal, soft stripping and building derating. 

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