I Have Found Asbestos in My Garage – What Do I Do?

28th March 2018 by ProDEM

Given all that we know about the dangers of asbestos nowadays, finding any evidence of it on our property can be very alarming. However, sadly, many homes built before the turn of the millennium which come with garages and sheds could well have been built with asbestos, so it’s not all that uncommon.

That said, it’s still something that we have to deal with. Contact us today if you need our Asbestos removal service.

In this article, the ProDEM team will try to make this situation a little less stressful for you, and outline exactly what you need to do!

The first thing to note is that the asbestos that you have found in your garage isn’t actually pure asbestos, rather it is asbestos cement. Asbestos cement, as you can imagine, is a mixture of cement and asbestos, with the latter only forming around 10-15% of the total material.

It was commonly used as corrugated roofing on sheds, garages and farms, and also to make drain pipes, flues, water tanks and other products.

The chances are your garage will contain white asbestos (chrysotile), however, if it is a particularly old garage, it could well consist of blue (crocidolite) or brown (amosite) asbestos. For the sake of this article, the type of asbestos isn’t overly important, given that all asbestos is harmful.

Although it could potentially cause some issue, no, it doesn’t have to be removed immediately.

Asbestos cement is extremely durable and can last for many years, meaning that, unless some external force is applied the fibres won’t be triggered. Also, given the relatively small amount of asbestos contained in the cement, this will make it difficult to release the fibres, anyway.

Although the asbestos in your garage isn’t a threat in the short term, it should still be taken very seriously. Exposure to asbestos fibres is life threatening, after all.

So, the answer: monitor it. Although you shouldn’t be handling the asbestos cement directly, you should take regular trips to your garage in order to make sure it hasn’t eroded to a dangerous degree. If it has, something needs to be done.

Although there is no law requiring you to seek out a licensed contractor to remove the asbestos cement, the process is highly dangerous and we would advise against carrying out the removal yourself.

If you are in any doubt, it’s always better to call in a reputable licensed contractor. This way, the procedure will be carried out in the safest way possible.

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