What are the different types of demolition services?

Demolition is all about removing existing structures and buildings so the land can be used for another purpose. There are several types of demolition available to you, with the most common option being to tear down entire structures. In some cases, clients only require a part of a building removing or the interior demolishing. If you’re wondering what are the different types of demolition services, read on. 

Complete demolition


Demolition Services in NottinghamWith complete or total demolition, we demolish the entire structure. Complete demolition is often necessary when something brand new is to go on the site. This can include everything from a new housing estate or a retail unit to a new school or hospital.

Partial demolition

There are many reasons why one of our clients may only require partial or selective demolition services. For instance, one section of a building may be dangerous to use or no longer fit for purpose, whilst the rest of the structure remains safe and functional. You may also need a partial demolition service if you’re in charge of a listed building and you can’t demolish all of it. It’s common for our clients to request partial demolition so they can rebuild part of their site with better materials and facilities.

Interior-only demolition

When people ask us what are the different types of demolition services, they are often don’t expect to hear that we offer interior-only demolition. From time to time, we are asked to demolish the interior of a building only so the exterior is protected. This work can include the demolition of ceilings, walls, and partitions. This option can be ideal for those that wish to remove problem areas or free up space for more facilities.

Dismantling and deconstruction

Some of our clients require us to carefully deconstruct or dismantle buildings. This is so they can then recycle or reuse various parts. This work is more labour-intensive and time-consuming than a simple explosion.

High-reach structure demolition

Demolition in Nottingham

Explosives are often necessary to demolish high-reach structures such as tower blocks. This work requires careful planning so that the structure simply collapses in on itself, protecting the wider environment.

How can demolition be carried out safely and effectively?

Demolition work should be carried out by experienced professionals who can identify the best and most suitable approach for the job. Health and Safety regulations need to be followed to the letter, and a great deal of expertise is needed if the building or structure is to be destroyed safely, in line with demolition laws.

Planning a demolition

Many factors need consideration before demolition work takes place. The work needs discussing with the local authority and the owner of the site. Specific parts of the building may need protection, and safety standards will need to be watertight. You will need to book a survey to identify potential risks and challenges. Asbestos remains a big concern during demolition works as it is present in many pre-1999 buildings.

Complying with demolition regulations

Everyone involved in the project must comply with the Construction Regulations (such as CDM 2015) before any work begins, and the local authority must provide their approval. We may need to remove hazardous materials such as asbestos from your site before we can start the demolition process.

How long do buildings usually last before being demolished?

What happens to the building materials during demolition

Whilst some buildings remain in use for hundreds of years, most only have a lifespan of up to a century. Once buildings reach these limits, they are likely to become more dangerous to use or live in. They may also cause problems for buildings located near them. Buildings often need demolishing because they are no longer as stable. Replacing the building may be more desirable than replacing it.

Why choose ProDEM?

There are many great reasons for choosing ProDEM when you require demolition contractors and demolition in Nottingham or Leicester. We have been a leading player in our field for many years, always leaving our clients satisfied with the quality of our work. Our team always follow the strictest of guidelines to ensure that our demolition services are carried out safely. We are also passionate about protecting the environment, ensuring that nothing we do affects it adversely. 

A safe and effective service

We have expertise in all aspects of safe, effective demolition, with our team demolishing a diverse range of structures over the years. We are confident we can provide the outcome you require no matter what your needs are. ProDEM is the leading service for demolition in Nottingham, and Leicester. What’s more is that we’re able to offer some of the most competitive prices for Midlands demolition work on the market, without ever forcing you to compromise on quality.

Asbestos removal specialists

As we mentioned above, many of the buildings that require demolishing are likely to harbour hazardous asbestos. This is because most of these were built when asbestos was frequently used during construction projects. It wasn’t until the late 1990s that this dangerous material finally became illegal. We can safely remove asbestos from any building. 

We can also provide you with a free site survey and written quote to help you get the best quality and value for money. All of our work is fully guaranteed.

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People hire demolitions contractors for many reasons. So you may find yourself asking “Why should I hire a demolitions contractor?”. You may want to use the services of a demolitions contractor when you’re making changes to a landscape. Demolitions specialists can also assist if you’re constructing new buildings and need to remove obstructions from the site beforehand. Here’s what to look for when you need to use demolition contractors in Derby, Nottingham or Leicester.

What do Demolitions Contractors do?

Get the work done safely

Demolition Contractors Nottingham

You may be able to complete some small demolition jobs on your own. However, in most cases, you will need to hire demolition professionals who have access to sufficiently powerful resources and can get the job done safely. 

Stay compliant and avoid penalties

Hiring demolition contractors can also help you to comply with health and safety regulations. If you don’t stick to these rules, you could find yourself in legal trouble and may even end up injuring someone or damaging their property. The right demolition specialists will only carry out the work if it’s safe and legal to do so. They will also carry out a thorough risk assessment before they begin the job.

A quicker, more efficient process

Get the job done quickly and efficiently by using a professional demolition team. Experienced professional demolition experts can ensure everything is handled properly, in line with all relevant regulations. Ensure the job will be completed correctly whether it’s a small, medium or large-scale task. A trusted specialist can make a project take just days to complete rather than weeks.

Keep your neighbours happy

You can also use the services of experienced professionals to avoid breaking rules about boundaries. If your project encroaches on a neighbouring property, the residents may take legal action against you. This can cost you a great deal of time and money. Demolition contractors can also protect other parts of your property that need to be left as they are. If you don’t have sufficient experience in this area, you could end up damaging your own property as well as other people’s.

High reach demolition

High Reach Demolition in Nottingham

You may also require the services of demolition specialists if you need to demolish a particularly high building. The right demolition company for your needs should have access to long reach demolition excavators that can remove taller structures from your site. It can be very convenient to get everything from the same company, so make sure that they offer site clearance services as well as the demolition work itself. Before the demolition work starts, a survey should be carried out so the structure can be assessed and the building can be demolished safely and effectively.

Avoid injuries during demolition work

It’s also worth noting that the risk of injuries is much higher when a person without experience attempts demolition work. If you carry out the work yourself, you could harm yourself and injure other people.

How ProDem can help

At ProDem, we are waiting to hear from you if you do require the services of specialist demolition contractors. We have more than six decades of experience to draw upon and are able to undertake a wide range of large and small demolition projects. We offer free quotations and site surveys, and we’re proud to offer some of the most competitive prices for demolition jobs around.

A service you can count on

We can give you everything that you require from demolition contractors in Nottingham, Leicester or Derby. Our satisfied customers frequently recommend our services to others, and we consistently carry out demolition work under the strictest of guidelines to keep you and others safer. As we are an eco-conscious company, we take steps to ensure any negative impact on the wider environment is kept to a minimum.

Extensively trained

Our team have received extensive training in all aspects of demolition and have worked on projects involving a wide range of structures. No matter what you require a demolition specialist for, we are confident we can deliver the results that you require. Perhaps the structure that you need to demolish is harbouring asbestos? If so, we can remove this from the building safely before we carry out the demolition work.

All work guaranteed

All of our work is fully guaranteed. We can also come to your assistance if you require a free site survey before any work commences. Why not take a look at our site today and read the testimonials from our satisfied customers?

Soft strip and site clearance services

We’re also specialists when it comes to soft strip services. Your soft strip service ensures valuable recyclable materials like metal, timber and plastics are retrieved before the demolition work starts. Also popular amongst our customers are the site clearance services that we offer. Before you demolish a structure, you need to clear substantial waste from the site. Our trained professionals can meet all your site clearance needs. Let them remove hazardous materials from your site.

High reach specialists

We have a great deal of experience when it comes to high reach demolition work including tower block demolition. Our pioneering plant equipment and machinery are ideal for demolishing large, multi-storey buildings including office blocks and car parks. Some older buildings may have underlying environmental issues including not only asbestos and hazardous waste but bats in the roofs too. Whatever the issue is, you can count on us to assist you. Use a company with outstanding technical ability. Talk to ProDem today.

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We hope that this has answered your question of “Why should I hire a demolitions contractor?”. You are more than welcome to get in touch with us if you do want to learn more about demolition in Nottingham, Derby and Leicester. Reach us today by completing the form on our site. Alternatively, you can call us on 0115 775 0307 (Nottingham), 0116 430 0273 (Leicester), 0133 231 4065 (Derby) or 0114 419 0247 (Sheffield). If you’d rather email us, you can send a message here. We are eager to hear from you right now.

Do you require a building or structure tearing down? If so, you’ll require the services of a demolition contractor to carry out the job safely and efficiently. At ProDEM, we’ve been at the forefront of demolition in Nottingham, Derby, and Leicester for many years, building a fantastic reputation throughout the region. Read on to find out more about demolition and what exactly demolition contractors do.

What is demolition?

Demolition Services by ProDEM

Demolition refers to the act of tearing down manmade structures, including both residential and commercial buildings, using heavy machinery like bulldozers, cranes, and explosives. Demolition is carried out for various reasons. Often, it’s due to the building reaching the end of its lifespan. It may no longer be safe for habitation or to the buildings surrounding it. Old structures which have lost their stability or have structural damage are to be replaced with new, safer structures. All demolition work undertaken by a qualified demolition contractor is carried out in a controlled environment. This ensures the safety of not just the demolition team and other contractors, but the surrounding general public.

What to demolition contractors do?

Demolition isn’t as simple as turning up and bulldozing a building. There’s a process that must be adhered to, and demolition contractors are responsible for much more than just tearing down houses and office blocks. Here are a few of the roles of demolition contractors in Derby, Nottingham, and Leicester.

Survey and prepare the site

First, there is a building survey carried out. Experts carefully explore the various aspects of a building, including the materials used, the method of construction, the building’s condition, traffic conditions, building codes, and neighbouring communities. All the information gathered determines how the building will be demolished. 

Next, hazardous materials such as asbestos, flammable materials, radioactive substances, and petroleum contamination must be removed. Other site preparation tasks include disconnecting the utilities, such as electricity and water; eliminating rodents which may be present in the building; and obtaining the relevant permits. A site must be prepared and deemed safe before a building can be demolished. Site preparation for demolition is always a detailed and thorough process, however, it’s likely to be even more comprehensive in the event of a controlled demolition using explosives.

Oversee Demolition

Demolition Services in Nottingham

The two methods used to demolish buildings are manual demolition and implosion. Both methods require the contractor to ensure that the site is free from debris which could lead to serious injuries if made airborne.

Hydraulic excavators are often used in manual demolition. These tools effectively weaken the structure so that it falls in the required direction.

Implosion involves using explosives to remove a building’s main supports, leading it to collapse from the inside out, falling in on itself. Larger buildings, all well as other sizeable structures, like bridges, are often destroyed using this method. The implosion of a building is over in seconds. Many people think that using explosives to demolish a building means that it will be ‘blown up’. However, this isn’t actually true. A controlled demolition means that a series of small explosions are carried out within the structure, weakening it enough that it collapses to the ground.

Assist with demolition clean-up

When you hire contractors to carry out a demolition in Leicester, Nottingham, or Derby, you can expect them to take care of the clean-up once the building has been torn down. A thorough clean-up after demolition ensures that all debris is removed.

Substantial waste is likely to result from any demolition work. . Materials can often be hazardous, which means that only trained professionals should remove them. Therefore, it’s important to hire demolition contractors in your area who can provide a thorough and efficient demolition clean-up service once a structure has been torn down.

At ProDEM, we offer a full site clearance service for demolition sites. We have an expert knowledge of clearing sites safely after demolition work has been carried out. This allows us to provide a complete demolition service. We can take care of everything from planning and preparation of the site to demolition and site clean-up.

ProDEM – the leading demolition contractors in your region

With over 34 years of demolition experience, ProDEM are experts when it comes to demolishing structures of all types. We can cater to big and small jobs, possessing all the required knowledge and equipment to carry out jobs of all sizes to the highest standards. Whether you need a garage demolishing or a large industrial building tearing down safely, you can rely on ProDEM.

We offer high reach excavator demolition for taller buildings, including office blocks, flats, and tower blocks. We can tailor our service to your specific requirements, with contracts ranging from £1,000 to £1,000,000 regularly carried out. ProDEM has a great reputation in the Midlands and beyond. So, why not find out what our customers have been saying about our services? Check out our testimoniTestimonialsals page to learn more.  

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