Things to Consider Before a Demolition Project

7th April 2022 by ProDEM

Demolition day is the most tangible sign that a project has begun. For some people that means getting rid of an eyesore once and for all. For others, it means clearing the way for an exciting new structure, possibly a new home, public facility or business premises. To get the process right the first time, let’s delve into the issues you need to consider before giving permission for your demolition team to swing the proverbial wrecking ball. So what are the things to consider before starting a demolition project?

Starting your demolition project

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It may sound simple to raze your property to the ground, but it isn’t. Planning permission must be sought, and there are specific rules to adhere to for each region. A professional team are also more efficient and will save time by considering all aspects of the process, such as utility removal. And an experienced demolition team knows what to demolish and what to salvage.

In many cases, materials can be recycled or sold to recoup costs. See last month’s post for more information about building derating and recycling construction materials. To quickly recap, you can salvage and sell:

And many other materials that you might not have considered valuable commodities before now. Ask your trusted demolitions contractor for more advice about building derating so you can get the best value for your demolition project.

Give your neighbours a prior warning

If the demolition is taking place in a residential area, tell the neighbours in advance, including the date and time you intend for it to take place. Furthermore, it takes time to get demolition vehicles on site, and noise and mess are guaranteed.

The run-up to demolition day is the time to be a good neighbour – at the very least give plenty of warning, or you can offer some form of friendly compensation. A bottle of their favourite bubbly might just do the trick.

Employ an expert in asbestos removal

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If your demolition team identifies asbestos in the property, they need to be trained to deal with its removal. This will save you money in the long term. If a demolition team is unlicensed in the removal of asbestos and related materials and goes ahead with the removal, you could be liable to pay thousands of pounds in payouts for breach of health and safety guidelines.

Be smart and go with the experts when it comes to asbestos removal.

Make clear choices about what is being demolished

There should be a detailed plan as to what is being demolished and what other structures might be staying in place. Unintended demolition can only be avoided by making this very clear and agreeing in advance with the demolitions project manager.

All things considered

You will be saving a lot of time and stress later down the line when taking these tips into consideration before beginning demolition work. An experienced contractor can help you with all stages of the process and are indispensable when it comes to the tough questions that simply can’t be answered by a demolition rookie.

An efficient and successful demolition can pave the way for an even better construction experience. Take your time, take the advice and get to work with confidence and a professionally approved plan.

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