Top 10 Uses for Reclaimed Timber

15th June 2017 by ProDEM

As an environmentally conscious company, ProDEM is proud to offer building derating and soft stripping services which allow us to dismantle, rather than demolish, a building. We find all kinds of reusable items during this service, but there are few as useful and exciting as reclaimed timber. The possibilities for reusing this material are endless – and we aren’t exaggerating. Let’s look at the top 10 uses for rejuvenated wood.

1. Solid Wood Ceilings

Nothing will add personality to your home more than reclaimed wood. It has wider growth rings, more knots and imperfections, and therefore more character. Just take a look at any solid wood ceiling or kitchen island to see why it’s a material of choice for interior decorators.

2. Statement Headboards

A lot of people will find the aromatic smell of wood like pine soothing and conducive to a good night’s sleep. What better material for a headboard, therefore, than solid pine railway sleepers?

3. Log Cabin Shed

If you ever stayed in a log cabin as a kid, you’ll know the excitement of staying in a building that’s entirely and obviously made of trees. It instantly gives the feeling of adventure. Why not extend this feeling to the garden? A log cabin shed will be strong, spacious and have the perfect potential for a man (or woman) cave.

4. Homemade Instruments

If you are musical and handy with tools, reclaimed woods like mahogany make great tone woods. If they have spent decades being seasoned indoors, they are strong, free of moisture and have unmatched tonal characteristics. Take a slab of ash into the workshop, bring out your inner luthier and emerge with a brand new guitar, bass or even a hammered dulcimer if you’re feeling exotic.

5. Homemade Dining Table

Once again, bring out your tools and a little less precision, and reclaimed woods can be knocked into dining table shape in the space of an afternoon. Make a style statement with a thick timber dining table.

6. Timber Feature Wall

Feature walls have become so common that they’re no longer a feature. Inject some surprise back into this overused decor trick with a reclaimed timber feature wall. The beauty of this wall is its handsome looks and versatility. Want to hang a picture? Hammer in a nail. Always wanted to try your hand at carving? Go ahead.

7. Traditional Reclaimed Floor

Of course, you can always use reclaimed woods in a more traditional way. Reclaimed oak floors can be left with their original stain and patina, or can be sanded to be like brand new. Whatever your choice, a grand floor awaits.

8. Oversized Mantel Piece

Old joists (as thick as full grown trees) make for a striking mantel piece. You can even find reclaimed wood like this with square holes originally used for cross joists. These little quirks are great for displaying knick knacks and ornaments.

9. Shelving

For shelving that isn’t entirely bland, used floorboards can be cut to size or can span the length of a room. Top tip: cast iron cistern brackets are found at reclamation centres for as little as £5 each. Use these to support your reclaimed shelving for an enviably vintage look.

10. Wall Art

Finally, reclaimed wood needs very little fettling to transform it into interesting wall art. For those who appreciate the natural grain of quality woods, simply arranging timbers in an artful way can add just the right finishing touch to your living room.

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