What are demolition contractors?

8th January 2021 by ProDEM

Do you require a building or structure tearing down? If so, you’ll require the services of a demolition contractor to carry out the job safely and efficiently. At ProDEM, we’ve been at the forefront of demolition in Nottingham, Derby, and Leicester for many years, building a fantastic reputation throughout the region. Read on to find out more about demolition and what exactly demolition contractors do.

What is demolition?

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Demolition refers to the act of tearing down manmade structures, including both residential and commercial buildings, using heavy machinery like bulldozers, cranes, and explosives. Demolition is carried out for various reasons. Often, it’s due to the building reaching the end of its lifespan. It may no longer be safe for habitation or to the buildings surrounding it. Old structures which have lost their stability or have structural damage are to be replaced with new, safer structures. All demolition work undertaken by a qualified demolition contractor is carried out in a controlled environment. This ensures the safety of not just the demolition team and other contractors, but the surrounding general public.

What to demolition contractors do?

Demolition isn’t as simple as turning up and bulldozing a building. There’s a process that must be adhered to, and demolition contractors are responsible for much more than just tearing down houses and office blocks. Here are a few of the roles of demolition contractors in Derby, Nottingham, and Leicester.

Survey and prepare the site

First, there is a building survey carried out. Experts carefully explore the various aspects of a building, including the materials used, the method of construction, the building’s condition, traffic conditions, building codes, and neighbouring communities. All the information gathered determines how the building will be demolished. 

Next, hazardous materials such as asbestos, flammable materials, radioactive substances, and petroleum contamination must be removed. Other site preparation tasks include disconnecting the utilities, such as electricity and water; eliminating rodents which may be present in the building; and obtaining the relevant permits. A site must be prepared and deemed safe before a building can be demolished. Site preparation for demolition is always a detailed and thorough process, however, it’s likely to be even more comprehensive in the event of a controlled demolition using explosives.

Oversee Demolition

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The two methods used to demolish buildings are manual demolition and implosion. Both methods require the contractor to ensure that the site is free from debris which could lead to serious injuries if made airborne.

Hydraulic excavators are often used in manual demolition. These tools effectively weaken the structure so that it falls in the required direction.

Implosion involves using explosives to remove a building’s main supports, leading it to collapse from the inside out, falling in on itself. Larger buildings, all well as other sizeable structures, like bridges, are often destroyed using this method. The implosion of a building is over in seconds. Many people think that using explosives to demolish a building means that it will be ‘blown up’. However, this isn’t actually true. A controlled demolition means that a series of small explosions are carried out within the structure, weakening it enough that it collapses to the ground.

Assist with demolition clean-up

When you hire contractors to carry out a demolition in Leicester, Nottingham, or Derby, you can expect them to take care of the clean-up once the building has been torn down. A thorough clean-up after demolition ensures that all debris is removed.

Substantial waste is likely to result from any demolition work. . Materials can often be hazardous, which means that only trained professionals should remove them. Therefore, it’s important to hire demolition contractors in your area who can provide a thorough and efficient demolition clean-up service once a structure has been torn down.

At ProDEM, we offer a full site clearance service for demolition sites. We have an expert knowledge of clearing sites safely after demolition work has been carried out. This allows us to provide a complete demolition service. We can take care of everything from planning and preparation of the site to demolition and site clean-up.

ProDEM – the leading demolition contractors in your region

With over 34 years of demolition experience, ProDEM are experts when it comes to demolishing structures of all types. We can cater to big and small jobs, possessing all the required knowledge and equipment to carry out jobs of all sizes to the highest standards. Whether you need a garage demolishing or a large industrial building tearing down safely, you can rely on ProDEM.

We offer high reach excavator demolition for taller buildings, including office blocks, flats, and tower blocks. We can tailor our service to your specific requirements, with contracts ranging from £1,000 to £1,000,000 regularly carried out. ProDEM has a great reputation in the Midlands and beyond. So, why not find out what our customers have been saying about our services? Check out our testimoniTestimonialsals page to learn more.  

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