What are the benefits of plant hire for construction?

5th February 2021 by ProDEM

Are you wondering what the key benefits of plant hire are and how it can benefit you? If so, read on. Plant hire can help you save a great deal of time and money whilst helping you get the job done to a professional standard.

Plant Hire will make your budget go further

Benefits of Plant Hire in Nottingham

One of the best benefits of plant hire of plant machinery instead of buying it outright is that it will help you save a great deal of capital. It can cost a huge sum of money to buy machinery outright, and you may simply lack the necessary funds. You may also find yourself in a financial tight spot if you take out a loan or a hire purchase agreement due to the interest involved. You can save a vast sum of cash by only hiring plant equipment when you actually need it.

The risks of purchasing plant machinery

If you do purchase plant machinery outright, you will need to cover the costs of servicing, maintaining and repairing it. In most cases, when you hire the equipment that you need, the company lending it to you will be responsible for all of this. Hence one of the main benefits of plant hire is the only time you would need to pay for a fix is if you broke it yourself.

Hidden costs of purchasing

Buying plant hire equipment can take a significant chunk out of your profits and make the job seem less worthwhile than it would be if you simply hired it. When you purchase equipment to keep, you don’t need to simply think about the main cost. You also need to insure it and pay for repairs. If you’re not incredibly confident that you’ll see a big return on investment, it’s much wise to simply hire the equipment and hand it back when you no longer need it.

The pitfalls of buying second-hand

Mini Digger Hire in Nottingham

Some companies purchase second-hand equipment to make their budgets go further. However, many come to regret this decision. This is because a lot of used plant machinery isn’t as efficient as new equipment. Often, it hasn’t been maintained to the highest standards either. By hiring plant equipment rather than buying it second-hand, you can rest assured that it is in full working order. You can be sure that it has been stringently checked for quality. The best providers of plant equipment for hire carry out frequent testing and servicing whilst keeping it in top condition.

Gain access to the best machinery through plant hire

Another key benefit of hiring plant equipment is that it can give you access to the best equipment on the market. If you’re not in a position to buy this equipment outright, hiring can be the perfect alternative. Plant fire hire firms can provide you with high-spec equipment from the best and most trusted manufacturers. What’s more is that you may have different requirements for specific jobs you’re currently working on.

Buying the right brand new or second-hand equipment for each job can be highly expensive, which is another reason why it makes so much sense to simply hire these resources instead. When you hire, you can complete each job to a high standard without spending much more than you can afford and taking big financial risks.

Find the right equipment for your needs

Many companies turn to plant hire specialists because they need access to a wider range of resources. When you use a plant hire expert, you can gain access to equipment that’s perfect for the task in hand. You don’t need to be stick with unsuitable equipment that slows you down.  A plant hire specialist can provide all the in-depth advice you need for selecting the right equipment for the job. They can use their vast experience and knowledge to ensure they’re not supplying you with something unsuited to your task.

Fewer storage concerns

You’ll also be faced with fewer storage problems if you hire equipment instead of purchasing it. This is because you can simply hand it back when you no longer need it. Every year in the UK, more than £70 million of equipment is stolen from construction sites. Therefore, it’s best to keep storage concerns to a minimum if you can.

Avoid depreciation problems

You don’t have to worry about depreciation when you hire equipment instead of purchasing it. The value of your equipment will start to drop from the moment you start using it, which means you will never get back as much as you paid for it. If the demand for the machinery that you’re selling is particularly low, you may need to accept much less than your original investment. This is yet another reason why so many companies choose to hire rather than commit to a purchase.

Cater for changing needs

It’s also worth remembering that projects can change before they are completed, and this means your equipment needs may too. This means equipment that you have purchased could quickly become surplus to requirements. If this happens after you have hired equipment, you can simply exchange it without seeing a huge financial impact. 

How ProDEM can help

Talk to ProDEM today if you want to save money and fulfil all your plant hire needs. We are a specialist plant hire service with equipment to suit all requirements. We offer long and short-term contracts, with equipment coming both with and without drivers. Free quotations and site surveys are available, and our fleet of machines is constantly updated and checked for quality and efficiency. All machines are maintained in line with health and safety regulations, and we can provide proof of this if needed.

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