What are the benefits of plant hire? [Infographic]

13th October 2021 by ProDEM

Have you been wondering ‘What are the benefits of plant hire’? If so, keep reading. Plant hire comes with a range of advantages, including being much less expensive than paying for costly machinery outright. If you don’t want to make a big financial commitment but you do require access to these powerful tools, it’s an incredibly wise move to look into plant hire. At ProDEM, we’re here for you whenever you need professional plant hire in Nottingham or Leicester. Let’s take a look at some of the biggest benefits of plant hire.What are the benefits of plant hire?


The Main Benefits of Plant Hire

You can save a great deal of money when you hire machinery instead of purchasing it outright. Taking out a loan or entering into a hire-purchase agreement can have a big financial impact on your business. You may well come to regret doing so over time. However, when you hire instead of buying, you only need to cover the cost of what you need, when you need it. You don’t need to pay to have the machinery insured or maintained when you opt for plant hire solutions. Maintenance can be extremely costly as well as time-consuming. You can rest assured that the company that you’re hiring from will take care of maintaining it, keeping it working safely and effectively. 

Access high-quality equipment

Plant Hire in Nottingham

Some companies simply can’t afford to purchase high-quality machinery. Plant hire means they can access powerful equipment without handing over a vast lump sum. You won’t need to settle for using second-hand, outdated equipment, and the machinery will have been quality checked by highly experienced professionals. This means the equipment that you hire will be in full working order. Your project should be a success as a result of this.

When you buy second-hand, you’re forced to settle for what’s currently available on the used machinery market. Your plant hire specialist should be able to offer a wider range of modern models. This means you can get the exact resources your project requires. Your plant hire specialist can provide you with all the advice that you need on sourcing the right equipment for your project. There will be no need to use unsuitable machinery for your project when you opt for a plant hire service.

Avoid storage worries

You don’t need to worry about storing large, heavy machinery when you use a plant hire service. Equipment companies hire from plant hire businesses tends to be large, taking up a great deal of space. With more than £70 million of equipment being stolen from UK construction sites each year, it’s essential that you avoid complacency around security. When you use a plant hire service, the machinery will be brought out to your site and taken away when you no longer need it.

You won’t suffer a loss when you sell

Plant Hire in Nottingham

Plant hire machinery values tend to fall over time. When you no longer need equipment, you could face a big loss when it’s time to sell. As you won’t be keeping the equipment you source from a plant hire company, you don’t need to worry about sizeable losses.


Another common reason for using plant hire machinery services is that you can be incredibly flexible. Imagine if your needs change midway through a project and you need a different kind of machinery. If this does occur, you can simply swap equipment that you’ve already hired for something else. Purchasing something that you no longer need after a few weeks or months can have a devastating impact on your budget. Hiring can help you avoid big financial losses.

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