What is soft stripping? [Infographic]

9th March 2022 by ProDEM

Are you wondering ‘What is soft stripping’? Perhaps you need soft strip demolition in Nottingham or Leicester? If so, then this article is for you. Read on to find out all about soft strip demolition, how it can benefit your project, and why it is great for the environment.

What is soft stripping?

All about soft stripping in Leicester and Nottingham

Soft stripping can take place before demolition and involves salvaging non-structural elements from the inside or outside of a building. Soft strips are sometimes commissioned as part of a general demolition project but can also be ordered separately.

What materials are removed during soft stripping?

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We can take out many kinds of materials during the soft strip process. Commonly, we remove fixtures, fittings, internal walls, internal ceilings and temporary structures whilst the process is taking place. Ethical soft stripping involves minimising the amount of waste that goes to landfills during a refurbishment or a demolition. Saving certain materials means they can then be recycled and then used to manufacture new objects.

How to choose the right soft strip specialist

If you’re seeking a soft strip demolition in Nottingham or Leicester, it’s important to choose the right company. Not all companies offering soft strip services are the same, with some more reliable and trustworthy than others. Before you go ahead and agree to use a soft strip service, make sure they have sufficient experience in this area. 

A reputable soft strip company worth your time will have worked on a wide range of projects in the past. These might include high rise projects as well as smaller but more complex challenges. They should have experience in removing hard ceilings, drywall, floor coverings, flooring and non-structural walls, to give just a few examples. They may also have experience in removing hazardous materials like asbestos safely to avoid causing harm to anybody in the nearby area.

Safe soft stripping 

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When thinking about what is soft stripping, it’s important to keep safety in mind. A great deal of dust can result from the soft stripping process. For this reason, it’s essential that only highly competent professionals with many years of experience carry out the job. The level of risk depends on how much material we remove and what is inside it. 

If the materials include wood dust or silica, the risk is particularly high. Once someone breathes in this dust, they can begin the feel the effects. This means soft stripping work requires careful planning. There should also be as few people in the work area as necessary. Screening off certain areas can minimise the risk of dust being spread.

Respiratory Protective Equipment or RPE should be used during the soft stripping process. This equipment must have an assigned protection factor of 20. Ventilation also needs to be provided. For instance, opening windows to allow fresh air to circulate. If there are no windows in the area, mechanical ventilation can be used as this can deliver cleaner air and improve circulation. Water suppression and dust extraction equipment need to be frequently checked for damage. At ProDem, we closely follow the guidelines published by the Health and Safety Executive when carrying out soft stripping work. You can rest assured that we remain wholly compliant regardless of which services we’re providing. 

Why choose ProDEM for soft stripping

There are many great reasons for choosing ProDem when you require the services of a leading soft strip specialist. We have vast experience in derating buildings as well as stripping outbuilding internals. Our expert operatives can get the job done to the highest standard and have carried out soft strip work prior to demolitions and refurbishments. Any recyclable materials that we identify will be removed safely during the process, whether we’re working with metal, timber, plastic or anything else. Our soft-stripping services enable us to separate waste materials so as many as possible can be used for new purposes.

What other services do ProDEM offer?

Soft stripping is just one of many indispensable services we offer here at ProDEM. We are also well-known for our demolition, asbestos removal and plant hire facilities. We can be your one-stop shop for a host of services related to construction and demolition. All the work that we carry out for you comes fully guaranteed, and we can also provide free site surveys so you can find out how much your services will cost before you agree to anything.

We are proud to be the leading company offering building soft strips in Nottingham and Leicester. We carefully manage each aspect of every project, ensuring that we complete each stage to the highest standard. Furthermore, we have accreditations from leading bodies like the National Federation of Demolition Contractors. This means you can rest assured that you’re always dealing with trusted industry experts when you opt for our services. 

Each member of our soft strip team is fully qualified to complete this work and carries the right certification. Our track record in soft stripping has led to more and more people choosing us when they require an exemplary service.

Can ProDem help with the rest of my demolition project?

Of course. We frequently carry out soft strip work before continuing with the remainder of our clients’ demolition projects. We are market-leading experts in areas such as high reach demolition, and no structure is too big for us to work with. Our team always do the best job we possibly can, and by taking a look at our testimonials you can get a deeper insight into the reputation we have built for ourselves over the years. Many of our customers and clients have gone on to commission us for further projects over the years.

Safe, environmentally-friendly demolition

Another great reason for choosing us is that we are incredibly passionate about the environment. We aim to ensure all the work we do has the smallest impact on the environment possible, delivering each service under the strictest guidelines. We have an excellent track record when it comes to providing safe, effective demolition services. What’s more, is that we can deliver the right results no matter what you need our services for.

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