What to Do If You Think You Have Been Exposed to Asbestos

29th November 2021 by ProDEM

Asbestos was once one of the most popular construction materials in the world. Now it’s no longer used due to the serious health risks of asbestos which are now common knowledge. Although using asbestos for construction purposes is illegal and has been for many years, it is still present in many buildings throughout the country, making it a serious threat even today. Regular exposure to Asbestos can be harmful, in whatever case, if you are unsure, talk to your Doctor. Furthermore, the ProDEM team will be taking a look at recognising the symptoms to finding the proper treatment.

Asbestos Removal in Nottingham

The risks

With over 2000 asbestos-related deaths a year in the UK, the health risks associated with asbestos are incredibly serious. Asbestos exposure can lead to a variety of diseases, the symptoms of which may not develop for up to around 50 years after exposure. Exposure to asbestos can give you these diseases:

Symptoms and management of asbestos exposure

As stated previously, the symptoms associated with the diseases caused by asbestos can take years to develop properly. Under normal circumstances, in order for asbestos-related disease to develop, you have to be regularly exposed to the fibres that are released by it. Furthermore, it has been proved that short term exposure to fibres has been known to lead to disease too. If you think that you’ve been exposed to asbestos, the first thing you should do is make an appointment with your doctor, and routinely return for checkups in order to track the possible development of symptoms through the years.

In order to do this in your own time too, it’s important to understand just what the symptoms are. Noticing the symptoms early will allow you to pursue proper treatment, so be sure to visit your GP if you notice any of the following:

What to do if you have recognised the symptoms of asbestos exposure

If symptoms have developed, talk with your doctor about seeing a mesothelioma specialist or oncologist. Your doctor will be able to determine whether your symptoms are those of mesothelioma or asbestos-related lung cancer, or if they are due to something unrelated. If you have been to the doctor but are still worried, don’t be afraid to seek a second opinion. Specialist advice will always offer you some closure.

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