Why is it important to remove asbestos?

8th June 2023 by ProDEM

Are you wondering why is it important to remove asbestos? If so, keep reading. This material was commonly used in construction projects in the 20th century until it was finally banned outright in the late 1990s in the UK. Whilst asbestos was a popular construction material due to factors like its strength and affordability, its fibres can be very dangerous when inhaled. 

There’s a big chance someone may inhale asbestos fibres once they become airborne. If materials containing asbestos are left alone, they pose little threat. If disturbance is likely, it’s best to call the asbestos removal specialists. Help is always available if you need the assistance of asbestos removal contractors in Nottingham.

Why is asbestos so dangerous?Asbestos Removal in Nottingham

Asbestos fibres have been linked to many serious health conditions. If someone does inhale asbestos fibres, it can take decades for them to develop a serious health complaint. However, some health problems caused by asbestos fibres can be fatal. Some of the health conditions asbestos can cause include pleural thickening and cancer. This is why it’s so important to call the professionals if you do need to have asbestos-containing materials removed from a building. We’re on hand to assist whether you need to remove these materials from a commercial premises or a residential property.

What happens when someone breathes in asbestos fibres?

When a disturbance occurs, microscopic asbestos fibres can become airborne. This means there is a big chance someone might breathe them in. The fibres can become trapped inside the mucus membranes of someone’s nose and throat. They may then reach the lungs or digestive tract where they can cause serious damage. 

Asbestos becomes very dangerous once it’s friable. If asbestos is friable, this means it can easily be broken up, with the fibres then rising into the air. Asbestos-containing materials can become friable after cutting, drilling, water damage and ageing. These processes can break down the material and fibres which means it takes less for them to be released.

Is it always necessary to remove asbestos-containing materials?

The bigger the chance of disturbance or damage, the more important it is to remove materials containing asbestos. If you’re not sure whether asbestos fibres are likely to be disturbed, you can have a survey carried out by an experienced professional. A surveyor can tell you whether you do have asbestos on your property and whether disturbance is likely.

Who can remove asbestos-containing materials?

It’s vital that an experienced professional deals with materials containing asbestos. If someone doesn’t have the right experience or qualifications, it’s likely that they won’t be able to remove it safely or dispose of it properly. It’s not unlawful to remove asbestos yourself, but it can be very dangerous.

How likely is it that my property contains asbestos?

Your property is more likely to contain asbestos if it was built before the year 2000. This is because asbestos has been banned as a construction material since this point. This material is still present in thousands if not millions of homes and business premises across the UK. Asbestos removal services can deliver valuable peace of mind and protect you and your family from the risk of contamination.

More facts about asbestos

The UK was once one of the world’s most prolific importers of asbestos. Although the ban on using asbestos came in almost a quarter of a century ago, it still remains a big concern. The UK has the highest number of asbestos deaths in the world. Research says that there is no safe level of asbestos exposure. Not everybody who faces asbestos exposure will develop a health problem. However, any kind of exposure makes it more likely that someone will experience an asbestos-related medical issue.

Who can help me remove asbestos in the East Midlands?

Now you know more about “why is it important to remove asbestos”, you may be wondering who can help you when you need asbestos removal contractors in Nottingham. At ProDEM, we have been providing these services for many years. We are here to remove this hazardous material both safely and efficiently. We can also provide a free site survey if you suspect asbestos is present on your property but haven’t been able to confirm this as yet. ProDEM been at the forefront of demolition in Nottingham for over 34 years. During this time, we’ve acquired extensive experience in all aspects of demolition and hazardous waste removal and disposal.

Asbestos Removal in NottinghamLeave asbestos removal to the professionals

If the building you live or work in dates back to the 20th century, asbestos may well be present within your walls, ceilings, roofs or floors. In most cases, we can remove asbestos quickly and safely. Nonetheless, it’s essential that you leave this task to the professionals. We have years of experience when it comes to removing asbestos safely and disposing of it on behalf of our clients. We can remove this toxic material from your environment with a minimum of fuss. You can relax in the knowledge that we only ever use the safest asbestos removal methods.

Are you making changes to your property?

Many people opt for our services when they are in the process of demolishing, renovating and making other changes to a building. One reason for this is that there is a big chance asbestos-containing materials might be disturbed during these processes. Removing asbestos and disposing of it safely minimises the impact on the local environment. Why not take a quick look at our testimonials page to see what our clients say about our asbestos removal services?

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