Why Soft Strip & Building Derating is Good for the Environment

23rd February 2017 by ProDEM

Building derating is the most environmentally sustainable service that a demolition team can offer. Known as ‘soft stripping’, building derating is a form of deconstruction where crews ‘harvest’ reusable materials and leave a building’s structural framework intact.

Following this method, an outdated, but structurally sound building is stripped back to its foundations, walls and floors, and is left as a blank canvas for top-down regeneration. It is an exciting part of a building’s life cycle that greatly reduces waste in the construction and demolition industry.

A mountain of material can be salvaged from a derelict building. Tonnes of timber, metals and plastics make up the internals of any structure and by selectively dismantling, crews can consider each component for its recycling potential. To give an idea of what ProDem must remove during a building derating, here is a list of the most common materials that can be recycled in most cases:


Fixtures and fittings


Internal structures


Mechanical and electrical (M&E)


General utilities:


A building that reaches the end of its useful life is a vast resource of recyclable material. On average, 95% of materials salvaged from building derating can be reprocessed for use in new construction projects. Recycling means fewer virgin materials are required, thus decreasing the carbon footprint of a new development.

Further reductions in emissions are achieved because recycled materials are not decomposing in landfill, where they would otherwise release large quantities of methane gas.

Soft stripping has other less obvious benefits, such as its economic impact. It is more labour-intensive than outright demolition and for every worker required for demolition, there are typically 3-6 workers employed for deconstruction.

The additional labour costs  and turnaround times appear to be drawbacks to the uninformed client, but costs for building derating can be entirely recovered.

Here is a list of hidden savings:

Building derating is becoming popular as the world becomes increasingly environmentally conscious. It surprises clients that investments in time and labour can be cost effective and will minimise construction waste that accounts for 20% of the ‘solid waste stream’.

Giving materials a second life by directing them back into construction is the best strategy for eco-friendly demolition and building. Everyone has to do their bit to protect the planet from unnecessary waste and it’s not often thought that big business can fly the eco-friendly flag.

But the opposite is true; reputable demolition companies are proud of their green credentials and will always invest time and energy into implementing and improving practices like building derating and soft stripping.  

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