Why You Should Buy Reclaimed Wooden Flooring

4th October 2016 by ProDEM


As the focus on sustainability and recycling grows stronger and stronger, it’s important to use every opportunity available to implement reclamation in any way we can. With reclaimed goods it’s possible to preserve and reuse certain materials and objects without having to go to the trouble of creating and constructing new ones.

In this article, we’re looking at reclaimed wooden flooring, and how deciding to purchase it can bring you a number of different environmental, financial and personal benefits.

Better for the environment

Reclaimed wooden flooring means avoiding the need to cut down more trees and all the production work that would follow. It’s a form of recycling, so you aren’t putting any extra strain on the environment; instead you are reusing old wood which has been carefully extracted from other buildings or constructions and prolonging its life by implementing it in your new development.

Reclaimed wooden flooring will require less labour and resources to process, with the wood already being shaped, leaving transportation as the only concern. This cuts out a lot of the manufacturing costs and the impact on resources this entails, making reclaimed wooden flooring a much cleaner option than relying on new timber.

Reclaimed wood has a rich history, and is often sourced from trees which were grown many decades ago. Reusing this wood means preserving forests, giving recently planted trees time to grow, mature and contribute to the safekeeping of the environment.

Unique characteristics

Timber flooring is incredibly popular, and new timber is often chosen for its uniform, easy-to-attain appeal. But reclaimed wooden flooring offers an entirely different world when it comes to visuals. Reclaimed wooden flooring wears its history proudly for everyone to see, and can provide a completely unique and authentic look that is simply impossible to achieve with fresh timber. Depending on where the wood is reclaimed from, you can end up with wooden flooring that has identifiable marks or inscriptions, certain patterns or finishes and grains that can make a marked difference to the aesthetic of the room. This can be put to great use for marketing or commercial properties, where you can use reclaimed wooden flooring to help carve out a certain brand image or theme to set your shop or company apart from the competition.


Hardwood flooring should be durable so it can last for years without any significant issues or defects. Reclaimed wooden flooring is typically much more durable than fresher hardwood, and again this is largely due to its history. Reclaimed hardwood would have been left to mature and grow for a significant period of time, unlike fresher timber where forests are managed and replanted to keep wood harvesting constant. Older wood is naturally stronger, more dense, and is often used in constructions that require ample support and strong structural integrity. Reusing this wood for your flooring is a great way to bring a strong, long lasting material to your property.

Reclaimed wooden flooring also holds another advantage over new timber: moisture content. Over its lifespan, reclaimed wood will have been fully exposed to a range of changing temperatures and moisture levels, so any warping or shaping from these outside influences will have already taken place. This makes reclaimed wood much more stable and reliable in the long run, which is critical when it comes to flooring.

ProDEM are committed to finding sustainable solutions to construction and deconstruction, and we look to reclaim and recycle everything from any building we demolish. We supply high quality reclaimed wooden flooring, extracted and stored carefully, and perfectly suited for future use as a hardwearing construction material for a variety of projects. To find out more about the reclaimed wooden flooring we have to offer, contact us today our friendly team are always happy to help.